Will Sketchup be supporting Mac M1, & beyond

Am a worrier. Do to it being unable to work inside Sonoma. Wondering if or if not Sketchup will be supporting Mac M1 & beyond? Currently I am not able to use Sketchup any longer without a Mac’s latest update.

Sketchup runs natively on macs with apple silicon soc’s, I have it installed on my M1 Max MacBook, sketchup 2023 doesn’t have support for MacOS Sonoma cause it was released a few weeks ago and sketchup 2023 was developed for MacOS Ventura, you can run sketchup on Sonoma but there are known issues with it, I haven’t updated to Sonoma yet and I won’t do it until sketchup 2024 is released, that version will have support for sure for Sonoma.
If you’re having issues you should go back to Ventura, sketchup 2023 won’t have support for Sonoma, developers can make some fixes to make it run a bit better but only the next release will be fully supported.

Please do not create two topics for the same thing 2 hours appart, especially since we answered in details in the first topic

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Duplicate of the topic ateliernab pointed to.