Sketchup for MAC OS M2

Does anyone have any info about Sketchup working on MacBook Air M2 chip? Im thinking of buying it but not sure whether it will work?
Many thanks!

SketchUp 2022 and earlier are not officially supported on macOS Ventura, which is required to run natively on the M1 or M2. Many people report that SketchUp 2022 runs fine for them, but some have also reported issues. If you are not willing to deal with the latter possibility, you would be better to wait until early 2023 when the next version of SketchUp should be released. Because it is released after Ventura, it should be supported.

To clarify Slbaumgartner’s message, it works on M2, the problem if you buy it these days is that it comes with Ventura pre-installed.

If you buy it, it might be a good idea to wait until you’ve tested SU22 on it before selling your old PC.