Any problems SketchUp Pro 22 with updating to Mac OS Ventura 13.?

Any problems SketchUp Pro 22 with updating to Mac OS Ventura 13.?

People have had mixed results, particularly if they have an Apple Silicon cpu. The consensus seems to be to wait a month or so until 2023 is released.

Hi all,

My studio is currently using MacOS Monterey but Trorg says this might well work on any. Please try if you have Ventura, our studio would like to know if the upgraded OS will work for SketchUp (it why we bought the M1 Max Apple Studio).

Here is a solution from my friend Trorg Mjolnir, he’s a Apple programmer from way back. He seems to think it will also fix any 2021 issues.

Our studio just bought a Apple Mac Studio with an M1 Max chip and installed SketchUp 2022. Sure enough, it did not open a window, and force quit was the only thing to do. So here is a solution if you please…

Remember your Mac is just a fancy UNIX box! (says Trorg!?!)

On the desktop make a file with this single line in it, nothing else.

/Applications/SketchUp\ 2022/ &

Two things here…

  1. The & symbol at the end puts sketch up into the background like you want it (probably).
  2. Now, make the file executable (if you know how). Clicking on it will then open SketchUp as it will when they fix the problem (if this isn’t it).

One more thing:
I understand UNIX and the terminal can be intimidating, so, if you want the above done for you, open a terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/ and just copy and paste the following in. You can even just highlight the line below and drag it into a terminal window, then hit the return key on the keyboard. Find the new ‘sketchup’ on the Desktop and double click it. Good luck and I hope you are off and running with SketchUp. Our studio loves it.

echo /Applications/SketchUp\\\ 2022/\ \& > $HOME/Desktop/sketchup; chmod 700 $HOME/Desktop/sketchup;


please don’t quadruple post. I’m not sure how this solution solves our problem here, most people have crashes on ventura while working, but this fix is for a monterey issue at start.

Sketchup Pro 2022 works fine with Ventura 13, also with M1 chip.