Sketchup Pro 2022 crashes when launched in Mac OS 13.1 Ventura


Is there any fix for Sketchup Pro 2022 crashing under Mac OS Ventura 13.1? I am running a MacBook Pro late 2021 (intel processor)

A quick forum search will reveal several reports of similar issues. Ventura was released after the 2022 version. One may expect the issues will be resolved in the 2023 SketchUp release.

RLGL thanks for the update. Any idea when 2023 Sketchup Pro will release? I’m locked out of all my project files which is terrible for workflow…

My work Mac is under Trimble IT control, and so hasn’t been given permission to update to 13.1 yet. My own Mac is on a 13.2 beta. Neither Mac is crashing with 2022.

When do you see crashing? Do you then see a bugsplat window next time you open SketchUp.

SU appears to launch ok, but files will not launch and I have to force Sketchup Pro to quit. But I hear what you are saying- maybe there is some other issue. If other Mac Users are on OS 13.1 and their files are opening, It may be some other problem- how would you go about troubleshooting it? every other application I am using runs fine. Thanks, D

I’m on Ventura 13.1 on an Intel MBP, and I’m not seeing crashes. So, indeed there must be something more going on. It never pays to overlook a possibility: did you install SketchUp by mounting the dmg, dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications icon in the installer dialog, and then ejecting the dmg?

Does a new document open ok? If you still have 2021 installed, do the files open ok there?

There is a silly long standing SketchUp Mac issue where if you open a file by double clicking on it when SketchUp has just been opened and is showing the welcome screen, the file won’t start to open until you close the welcome screen. It doesn’t lock up SketchUp, but it does look as if the file got stuck while opening.

any day now. if you look at the extension warehouse, more and more extensions are compatible with SU 2023.

so any day now. I know, this answer doesn’t help.

until then, either rollback to Monterey, or try the possible solutions you’ll find here and there. It’s annoying. but at this point only the devs might fix the situation

This seems like a wise eoption to me. If you depend on certain applications for your work it probably makes sense to hold off updating the operating system until those applications support the new version of the operating system. Updating might not cause any issues, it apparently hasn’t for some, but it doesn’t seem to be worth the risk.

I am also having a problem with SketchUp Pro 2022 (and LayOut) on my recent MacBook Pro running macOS 13.1. I just downloaded SU and installed for the first time; when I try to open either SU or LayOut, nothing visually happens (though I can see that they are running) and I get an “application not responding” status on the Dock.

Looking at my Activity Monitor, I can see that when either is left going like this, they are consuming around 100% of a CPU core (100.1-100.2%), but nothing appears to be happening. I don’t get a window or any message.

Downgrading to an earlier macOS version isn’t really an option… so I’m not quite sure what to do but wait for SU 2023?

Kelleniemeyer: Just out of curiosity are you running an M1 MacBook Pro, or Intel? Mine is an Intel which has been working passably well except when I open a large model the file gets very sluggish. But the non loading issue seems to have started with the 13.1 update.

Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I was able to work around it today by closing all other applications, restarting and opening only Sketchup. I didn’t have time to do an exhaustive study of it with other applications running, but it is possible that there is a conflict with one of the other applications in Creative Suite or MS Office.

Thanks for the sanity check!

Hi Dave R; the last time I tried solving a problem by reinstalling a previous version of the Mac OS it chewed up an entire day to get everything back to working together, so realistically I would not go that route.

I did discover that restarting the machine an launching SU by itself fixed the problem- I was even able to cautiously open other apps afterward. I will keep experimenting and let you know if I learn anything material.

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I guess my point is that I would avoid the operating system upgrade until I knew the applications I depend on are updated to support that new OS version.

I’m glad restarting your machine helped in this case.

I am running an M1 MacBook Pro, but I cannot even get SketchUp to load initially—it immediately goes into “application not responding” when I start it up.

We never did get IT approval to use macOS 13.1, but have been allowed to go to 13.2. As that seems to be released now, it would be worth seeing if anything is improved with SketchUp compared to 13.1. At least I will be in a position to repeat any tests you do.

Hi there,

I am having the same issue on my Mac Studio (M1 chip). SU is constantly crashing. I will try this solution you mentioned.

Thank you!

I upgraded my system to macOS 13.2, but the behavior with SketchUp Pro 2022 is the same—I get the spinning wheel when I try to open it, and no windows load. It doesn’t crash, but just remains stuck. I can see the SketchUp menu bar, but cannot click on anything as it immediately goes into “application not responding” until I force quit it.

This is very frustrating, as I have been completely unable to run SketchUp since purchasing a subscription.