SketchUp crashes on mac all the time


Hi! SketchUp crashes all the time. Crashed 4 times in the last hour while working with textures. Im trying to load the model and change the texture and get an error.
error report.pdf (158.4 KB)

What version of SketchUp are you really using? You entered SketchUp Make 2022 in your profile which is impossible. There is no SketchUp Make 2022.
Screenshot - 3_16_2023 , 9_44_42 AM
Your profile also says you are using Mac OS 13.2.1. SketchUp 2023 is the only one so far that supports that version of SketchUp.

Sorry, it’s my wife problems, she use SketchUp 2023

Please fix your profile.

Did she install SketchUp correctly? Did she correctly install the update that was released yesterday?

I’m not a Trimble developer, so there is a limited amount I can conclude from the error report you attached. However, from it I can see three things:

  • The computer is running macOS Ventura 13.2.1
  • The crashed app is SketchUp 2022, not 2023
  • The crashed app was not running from the standard folder for SketchUp (/Applications)

Regarding the first two, you wrote that she uses SketchUp 2023, but that’s not what crashed. Is it possible she accidentally launched the 2022 version instead of 2023? 2023 is the only current version that is supported on macOS Ventura. There have been multiple people reporting crashes when running 2022 on Ventura.

Regarding the third, it looks as if SketchUp was not installed correctly anyway.


Thank you for the crash report as a PDF. When there are crashes one of the things I look for is where was SketchUp run from. In the crash report it shows this:


What that means is that at some point SketchUp was run from an unconventional location, and macOS wasn’t happy about that. I can give you a solution to that problem.

As an alternative, you could ask her to use SketchUp 2023, which was updated yesterday. macOS will see that as being a new app, and as long as she installs it into Applications before running it, the same macOS security issue shouldn’t happen.

Here is the installer for 2023:

In the window that opens when you download that file, drag the SketchUp 2023 folder onto the Applications alias. Then after it’s copied, eject the disk image. Go into Applications/SketchUp 2023, and open SketchUp from there. macOS should be happy at that point.

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