SketchUp 2022 - crash on M1 mac, macOS Ventura 13.1


SketchUp 2022 crashes on my machine (M1 mac, macOS Ventura 13.1) every time with the following steps:

  1. Open SketchUp and create any geometry
  2. Open Materials window and go to any category of library materials (e.g. “Landscaping, Fencing and Vegetation”)
  3. Apply any material to the geometry (e.g. “Vegetation Blur 01”) and then very quicky click on the “Colors in Model” icon
  4. SketchUp crashes

Here is a video and an .ips file -

Thank you in advance!

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Do you have extensions installed? Some times an extension can cause crashes.


there were some issues with SU22 and ventura, mostly because SU22 isn’t supported by ventura. The fix was SU23.

now it’s been a few month already, and I don’t remember all the issues from this winter, but I remember some people having lag spikes when working with the “colours in model” panel open.

Have you tried SU23 ? it might be the simplest solution

We did fix an issue a while ago, that you may have hit a variation of. macOS didn’t like it when you ran SketchUp from unconventional places. Your .ips file shows this as the location for where the application is being run from:

“procPath” : “/Volumes/VOLUME/*/”,

You should run SketchUp from inside the Applications/SketchUp 2022 folder. The version you are running is also the initial version of 2022, if there is a reason you can’t run 2023, the later 2022 disk image is here:

If you get another crash, can you send in the bugsplat?