MAC m1 - crashing on paint bucket

Hello guys,
two of our students with MAC m1 are experiencing the same problem.
Sketchup 2022 is crashing everytime when they are trying to apply any material with paint bucket tool.
Any ideas how to solve this problem?
I am a windows user, I have never experienced this kind of issue before.
Thanks for any advice on this topic.

What operating system are they running?

A few months ago I had to change to rosseta mode to import ifc files into Sketchup, maybe it helps to solve the problem

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Dave, I am not sure, let you know when I find out. :+1:

Ventura 13.0.1 (22A400)

At this point SketchUp 2022 doesn’t support Ventura. There are reports from others that rolling back the operating system to Monterey (OS 12) has solved problems for them. It’s late enough in the year now that I would guess that they will have to wait until SketchUp 2023 is released to get support for Ventura.

One thing, though, make sure they’ve actually installed SkethUp correctly and aren’t running it from the .dmg file.

Can you say how you are on 13.0.1? My work Mac is on 13.0, and it says that’s the latest version. My own Mac is on a 13.1 beta. Both of them can use the paint bucket ok.

What Dave talked about was an issue a few versions ago, where if you ran SketchUp from the disk image, using the paint bucket would cause a crash. That shouldn’t happen with recent version, but it still is a bad idea to run from the disk image. Everything is a lot slower when you do that.

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Well, I haven’t updated to ventura yet, but the version apple is pushing my way is 13.0.1 indeed.
was released recently, nov. 9th

Hi Colin,

See attached.

No issues.

I believe that you’re on 13.0.1! I wasn’t sure how you got there. Our work machines are IT controlled, and it’s possible that 13.0.1 hasn’t been approved for me yet.

Backed up and then reinstalled OS fresh and went direct to download and installed 13.0.1. Then transferred my data & apps after reinstalling the new OS.