Mac Crashing with Paint Bucket Tool

Since I updated my MacBook pro to Sonama 14.3, SketchUp crashes on a regular basis when I’m using the Paint Bucket Tool. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

There are numerous threads on this already. It is a known issue. Apple introduced a bug that is causing this. Hopefully they will correct that soon but in the meantime, rolling back to before the latest update should help.

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rolling back the mac update? or going back to an earlier version of sketchup?

Since this particular problem was caused by Apple’s update to the operating system, rolling the operating system back to before the update would be the place to start.

I can’t be bothered to roll back my mac update. I’ve just got into the habit of saving my work before I change the menus in the textures panel. Then quickly reopening the model once it crashes! Not very sophisticated I know, but hopefully apple will sort it soon!

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As another low-tech work around I made a model that has all of the Mac materials in it. That doesn’t help for getting to your own collections, but for what it’s worth I have it attached to this post:

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Great stuff. Thank you