Problem with Paint Bucket tool on MAC PRO M3

Hello dear SketchUp users.
I have been using Windows for 4 years but decided to switch and buy a MAC M3 Pro. I’m having trouble using the Paint Bucket tool. When I select the tool itself, the program (SketchUp) automatically crashes. I don’t know what the problem is. Is anyone else facing the same problem and does SketchUp have a plan to fix the problem. Is anyone familiar with this? I hope this problem will be solved soon.

yes. many people. something in sonoma 14,3 broke the material panel.

upgrade to 14,4 and try again.

a quick search gives this thread, and a dozen more.

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also, please fix your profile.

free plan is not sketchup pro. only sketchup pro gives bugsplats.

you’re not using sketchup 2024 because it’s not released yet.

and yous OS is macos, but it’s quite important to know if it’s 13 or 14…