Crashing on newer Mac running Ventura

Hey, newer user here. I have the trial version and I’m looking at buying the full pro version asap, but I’m having a hard time with my app crashing repeatedly. I’ve attached the report. I’m running on a Mac w Ventura, 2.4 ghz 8 core intel i9, radeon pro vega 20/4, intel uhd graphics 630. Thanks!
Sketchup crash 8_30.pdf (112.9 KB)

Have you installed plug-ins?

I have layout and style builder that came along with the down load but no plug ins. I downloaded a couple of textures from the internet into the model as well. It seems to be crashing mainly when I’m in the bucket tool, could it have to do with my dowloaded textures?

It crashes only while you’re working on that file or also on a new one?

It’s entirely possible your textures are too high res. Usually you’ll just experience slowdown in these cases, but depending on your RAM situation, it may be too much for the app to take at once.

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Did you submit the BugSplat report with identifying info so they can contact you? You should also have been directed to a web page where you would see a crash number. Sharing that number here would help @colin direct attention to the right developer at SketchUp.

I’m not a SketchUp employee and have no access to the app code, so I can only speculate based on educated guesses.

I noticed that the crash report says you are running macOS 13.2.1. The latest is 13.5.1. Though I doubt it is the cause, it would be worth updating to the latest, as there have been several very important security updates.

The crash dump says the app aborted based on a failed assertion having something to do with updating a a backing store. That makes me suspect there is indeed a problem with the graphics while handling a texture, but again, without seeing the actual code I have no proof and can’t be more specific. I’d suggest removing those textures to see if that helps. Where did you download them from and how large are they?

I have filled out a few reports with contact, it hasn’t been very long so I’m sure I’ll hear back shortly. They’re from 125kb to 5mb, only have 4 or 5. I’ve also got a pdf I blew up with 300 pixels per inch so i could get some clarity in the pdf drawings. I’m still pretty new here so I’m probably causing this myself, appreciate your help! I also clicked out of the bugsplat crash number, so I’m afraid I don’t have it.

I do see the 7 bugsplats you sent in, thanks.

Unfortunately, it’s a generic kind of crash on Mac, and not easy to tell what the cause was. We have fixed some things that also lead to the same kind of crash, hopefully that will help with your case.

Those fixes will be in an update, but I’m not allowed to give a date for when that will appear. I will try to come back and let you know as soon as the update is available.