Sketchup crashes all the time 2023


I’ve being working on a model for a while, and SketchUp happens to crush every 15 minutes. Suddenly the program closes and a Bug report window shows. Also, when working, every moment needs to load for seconds too. While working, I don’t feel the computer is struggling to work, as the fan is not working, neither the rest of the apps have problems running. I don’t know if it’s something about the version, please let me know if you have a solution!

Sketchup doesn’t have support for MacOS Sonoma right now, the only thing you can do is go back to Ventura. There have been a lot of reports from people using Sonoma having issues with sketchup. You should never update your machine until you check that all the software you use has full support for the newer OS.

Well, you’re the fourth person in 3 days, I wonder if the very last update from sonoma touched something ?

anyways, since I’m a bit lazy under the weather, I’ll copy my message from another thread :wink:

you should keep an eye on this thread, it’s about su 22, you’re SU23, but it might be related as you have similar symptoms.

when it crashes, 3 situations :

  • do you get a bugsplat ? if so, do you send it properly ? (so colin can look at it and maybe see the problem)
  • if no bugsplat, do you get an apple crash message ? if so, you might need to copy it in a text document and provide it.
  • nothing ? nothing is not good, it means neither sketchup nor macos see this as a crash.

My computer updates automatically so I am not sure if it updated to Sonoma, but I am experiencing the same crashing issue. So annoying!

your profile says version 22.0.353 ? or is it the most current ?