Sketchup crashes all the time 2023


I’ve being working on a model for a while, and SketchUp happens to crush every 15 minutes. Suddenly the program closes and a Bug report window shows. Also, when working, every moment needs to load for seconds too. While working, I don’t feel the computer is struggling to work, as the fan is not working, neither the rest of the apps have problems running. I don’t know if it’s something about the version, please let me know if you have a solution!

Sketchup doesn’t have support for MacOS Sonoma right now, the only thing you can do is go back to Ventura. There have been a lot of reports from people using Sonoma having issues with sketchup. You should never update your machine until you check that all the software you use has full support for the newer OS.

Well, you’re the fourth person in 3 days, I wonder if the very last update from sonoma touched something ?

anyways, since I’m a bit lazy under the weather, I’ll copy my message from another thread :wink:

you should keep an eye on this thread, it’s about su 22, you’re SU23, but it might be related as you have similar symptoms.

when it crashes, 3 situations :

  • do you get a bugsplat ? if so, do you send it properly ? (so colin can look at it and maybe see the problem)
  • if no bugsplat, do you get an apple crash message ? if so, you might need to copy it in a text document and provide it.
  • nothing ? nothing is not good, it means neither sketchup nor macos see this as a crash.

My computer updates automatically so I am not sure if it updated to Sonoma, but I am experiencing the same crashing issue. So annoying!

your profile says version 22.0.353 ? or is it the most current ?

After also upgrading to A new MacBook Pro with the m3 Max chip (which is locked to Sonoma) I am also experiencing crashes. I have to say that im a little fed up of hearing it’s an apple issue. Its not. Apple release their new OS close to a year in advance to private companies. The issue lies almost exclusively at fault with the individual program creators. Some keep up to date and invest. A good example is Maxon. A very heavy GPU based creator, notoriously a very difficult area for Apple. Yet. They were ready, with no issues. I say all of this not to excuse one company, but more to illustrate the point of that a lot of companies do not invest in ensuring future proof work.

In the case of SketchUp, the current crashing problem is between a third party library and Sonoma. I’m trying to get colleagues to be in touch with both companies, in the hope they can fix the issue, and suddenly SketchUp 2023 won’t do a crash anymore.

If that doesn’t work out, there is something we can do to work around the issue, but that would have to wait for the next SketchUp update (assuming we gave up on them and did the work around).

In the meantime, SketchUp already had some code in it to cope with such a crash. Unfortunately, that doesn’t kick in unless a crash happens.

So, the hope is that if you’re running SketchUp 2023 for the first time in Sonoma, I bet it will crash. Then after that it shouldn’t crash. SketchUp 2022, unfortunately, didn’t have that code in it, and is likely to crash a few times a day.

The point about Apple giving companies access to future OS software is mostly true. Me and some others in the company are running alphas and betas of a future macOS. But, the testing of SketchUp against the new system does wait for the system to be release. By then we’re pretty hopeful that it’s going to work ok.

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Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with your response. My response (I will fully admit) was based on some mild frustration at an automatic finger in one direction. Im fully aware and experienced in the complex issues of getting teams together across companies and continents.
It’s truly refreshing to just have a clear and honest response. I say from the bottom of my heart, thankyou!
Locking the new hardware by apple to Sonoma is immensely frustrating, especially as normally I would also just revert to a previous OS and the fact that its perfectly capable of running Ventura (initially was going to be shipped with it).
Running the 2023 version I have found to be relatively ok, but unfortunately so far I have had multiple sudden crashes. This is over a month now, so hasn’t been awful. All crashes are a problem as we all know haha
I know you guys will get it working, I have no doubt. I am also very grateful. So keep working as hard as I know you do.

The 2022 version crashes every 3-5 minutes in Sonoma and then are getting closer together. It would only crash once a day in the previous OS (which is also just to many) I am going to use my remaining time exporting the 500 .skp files to a format other CAD programs can read!

The crash happens within a few minutes of the last save. If there is a reason you can’t use 2023, restart 2022 after each save you do.

you may try to run “sketchup” in Rosetta, I’ve tested several times and it works, although this method would reduce the performance, but it can prevent crashes all the time
Find “” in Application in Finder, right click, find info {Cmd+I}, Then choose “Open using Rosetta”; Hoping this can help you.

It has nothing to do with Rosetta. I use it on iMac 5K (Intel chipset) and it still crash all the time.

I can constantly repeat tasks and make it crash every time.

Click on Paint bucket icon in toolbar → Open Texture pallets tab → Select a color list combobox and change the item → CRASH!

Beside that, it crashes on other occasions as well, currently unusable for work…

I use it on last iMac 5K, Intel chipset, so no M1 etc. But Sonoma :frowning:


Sonoma 14.3 broke something.

never update your OS as it’s release. wait for a month. 6 month. wait for a year. it’s safer, it always has been.

edit : and it’s new with 14.3
the thread was about “standard” new os old softwares crashes.
Besides, the last 2 version of mac os have been Apple chipset heavy, if you’re running an older intel one, you really can skip them and remain a stable macos that was made for intel.
in my opinion.

I encountered this same issue recently. I didn’t have an option to use Ventura as the computer was issued to me by my employer with Sonoma. I’m running Sonoma 14.4 (latest version).

I tried Sketchup 2023 and 2022. Both had the same crash results. I then removed those and installed Sketchup 2021 (21.1.331). I’ve been using it for about 10 hours now, and no crashes. I’m sure it’s still unstable, so I save often but at least for now I’m able to work until a fix is available.