Sketchup continually Crashing

Help Please, My sketchup keeps crashing every few minutes. I have done everything recommended in the bug splat, I have made save as files, cleaned up my models, reinstalled sketchup multiple times. I’m out of solutions. Everything was fine until I installed the trial version of Enscape today, and the crashing began. Now I’m on a completely different computer that sketchup has just been re-installed on and it is still crashing despite Enscape not being on the computer at all. What can I do???

What version of SU and what OS are you using?
Could you put that information in your profile, it help us to give you a solution based on it.

Sketchup Pro: 23.1.341 MacOS: Sonoma 14.1.1

I will get it into my profile ASAP

SketchUp is not supported in Sonoma.

you should keep an eye on this thread, it’s about su 22, you’re SU23, but it might be related as you have similar symptoms.

when it crashes, 3 situations :

  • do you get a bugsplat ? if so, do you send it properly ? (so colin can look at it and maybe see the problem)
  • if no bugsplat, do you get an apple crash message ? if so, you might need to copy it in a text document and provide it.
  • nothing ? nothing is not good, it means neither sketchup nor macos see this as a crash.

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