Sketchup constantly crashes

Hey all,

I have been absolutely hounded by a nightmare of crashes, freezes and the like for the last few weeks. It’s driving me mad. I’ve used sketchup for more than a decade and have always gotten by despite running tons of extensions, but the last few weeks have been soul crushing.

In the last few months I have updated my mac laptop to Sonoma, installed Sketchup 2024, tried to get enscape working in SU24 to absolutely no avail. I reinstalled SU22 and was able to get it working, but all the while I’ve been hounded by a variety of crashes, freezes and general instability.

Below is a crash report from trying to work in SU22 after uninstalling every extension, uninstalling enscape, and praying to whatever gods might listen. I am not a mac person, so I have no idea what might be going on and any advice would be helpful.


su22 crash report 061224.pdf (271.8 KB)

There was an update to Enscape that was meant to solve some crashing involving placing light objects.

SketchUp 24 was also updated to release 24.0.1.

There are issues with anti-aliasing on the Mac & SU24. Set it to 0.

You can fallback to the “classic” OpenGL graphics engine (via the Preferences dialog’s Graphics panel.) This may be more stable for you using SU24.

There also was a Mac bug in the materials panel. Make sure you have the latest version of Sonoma available.