SU Crashes constantly with Enscape lighting

Hi - Just installed SU 24 and Enscape 24, using with Mac OS Somoma. I have 32gb unified memory so should be ok and capable. Every time I try to plot the lighting out it crashes. I’ve tried with and without the Enscape window open so it’s not having to render in real time, but I can’t actually put 1 lighting source in place!

any help welcome - I’m new to both.

thank you

Apparently Sonoma is having issues with the graphics card settings.

1st, try setting the “Multisample anti-aliasing” setting to “0x”

2nd, try going back to the classic OpenGL graphics engine.

really helpful @ArchyVR - I’ll give it a go and hopefully I’ll have some luck.

much appreciated

sadly no difference - still crashing as I lay the first light down!

thanks tho!

Too bad, how about reinstalling both SU’24 and Enscape?

thanks I’ll try it - slightly loosing the will this evening, might give a go in the morning!

thanks again

Enscape says the light object must be within a group within a component (until they get the issue fixed.)

well no, on that one, the fault resides with enscape, nothing to do with sonoma.

no need to lower the AA or rollback to the classic engine here.

Thanks for this too - interesting one, does that mean it’s a bug known of already?
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for replying - I’m trying every which way at the moment!

it is a known bug, as mentioned in the link in my previous message, the Enscape devs are on it.

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