Sketchup 2024 Crashing when adding lights

I am running Sketchup 2024 on Windows, Every time I attempt to add lighting (spotlight, disk) the system shuts down, it’s not registering a Bugsplat to report the issue. Has anyone had a similar issue and worked out the problem?

I should have mentioned I am running enscape plug in, I have reduce rendering quality down to draft and still not improvement. My System Graphic is GeForce RTX 3060 Dual 12GB Gaming Verto & CPU AM4-Ryzen 7x5700 x 8 Core 4.6ghz

Are you certain that you are running an Enscape version that is compatible with SketchUp 2024? When v.2024 was released Enscape had not yet been updated. You could also try updating your Nvidia driver.
Just suggestions.

Thanks, Yes I am running current versions on both and have updated the Nvidia Driver. I appreciate your assistance

Just to say Enscape v4 seems to work fine here with su2024 & latest Nvidia drivers installed…

One thing that you could also try is to switch to the Classic graphic engine while using Enscape.

It’s a known bug, Enscape say it’s an SU problem and are waiting on Trimble to fix it. If you search the Enscape forum there are a couple of work arounds. I have the same problem with Enscape 3.5.6 and SU22(I skipped 23)

Enscape 4 isn’t officially compatible with SU24 yet.

Ah, good to know the official position, but I just tested adding lights & had no issues using v4 on su2024 and the new graphics engine on, running on a win11 machine with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card…
But there are so many layers… But typical of Enscape to just kick the ball into the long grass !
Their “support” are so rude it’s unbelievable

Same problem now. I’ve sent a request to Enscape support but they haven’t responded yet. So far, I haven’t found a solution to this issue despite searching everywhere. Please do reply if you have already solved it. Thanks!

Hi, I contacted Enscape, they came back to say that it is a known problem. The problem has something to do with how Sketch-up 2024 is communicating with Enscape?? There is no work around at this time, they suggested that I go back to using Sketchup 2023 until Sketchup resolve the problem. Sorry thats all I’ve got :-/

That is so typical of Enscape !
Just bat the problem back to SU…
BTW I saw yesterday that there is an update to Enscape 4.0.1 & it also seems to work fine for me on a win11 machine, su2024 with the new graphics engine activated on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. (I can add all types of light source without crashing)…
Good luck folks, my experience is that Enscape are not exactly user friendly in their customer service…

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I’ve discovered that with EXISTING files with lights already added from 2023, I can add as many new lights as I like without crashing.
However, if I create a new file in SU2024 with Enscape 4.0.1 I have to 1. make sure the Enscape render window is launched, & 2. add the new lights within an nested group/component.

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I’ve always had a lot of issues placing lights in Enscape, even in 2023.

Placing them on endpoints was the cause for me, but I was never able to stop it crashing entirely

I tested that, and a model with a light in it, made with 2023, still crashes in 2024. So does adding a light inside a group or component.

Sure, but did you launch the Enscape render window first ??? If you don’t it crashes systematically.

Open a 2023 model in 2024. Show the Enscape render window. Add a new object, spotlight. Click to place it, and do more clicks to set the direction, crash.

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Hi Dario,

Thank you for your reply!

We’re raising this as a high-priority issue since it’s affecting so many users. We’re tracking all cases internally and hope to have a fix as soon as possible.

In order to mitigate crashes while placing lights in Sketchup 2023, I recommend only placing lights inside groups nested in empty components. The order for this would be model base > component > group> Enscape light object. This is the best way to avoid issues with conflicting geometry.

For Sketchup 2024, we’ve found that the new graphics engine is causing significant issues with Enscape lighting objects. For this reason, we recommend reverting to the classic graphics engine. This is done through Sketchup Preferences, located in the Window tab. In the Preferences menu, [navigate to the “Graphics” tab and select “Use classic graphics engine” under the Graphics Engine selection.]

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
Hayley Smith
Customer Support Representative

Yes, it’s a combination of both nesting and having started Enscape render window before hand. At least that’s what works for me until someone figures out how to fix it ?

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Really great to know they’re on it to rectify. Thanks for clearing it up - several options and so pleased there were answers out there!

Much appreciate all the help