Crashes While Using Enscape

Hey there,
Is anyone having an issue with frequent crashes? It seems that every time I’m using Enscape my SU crashes. It’s constant the past few days and very frustrating.

There was a crashing that happened when adding lights. Escape released a new version to take care of that. If you’re not on, get it from here:

Thank you. I’m using the most current version. It’s so frustrating!

Could you find steps that always crash for you, and I can try the same steps.

Hey Colin,

It’s almost always when I’m putting lighting in. Not necessarily when I add the lights through Enscape but when I click on the light source to place direction of the light. For example, when putting a light source in a canned light an directing the light downwards.

Does that help? I do have the most current version of Enscape and Sketchup.


I thought Enscape had already issued a fix. Better check. In the version you have it should work if you place the lights inside a group.

That is exactly the crash that Enscape fixed.

I have seen problems where the Enscape installer did not update the plugin files. In Extension Manager, expand the Enscape section, and see if you get this:

That’s another problem I’m having. I can’t open my extension manager. I had someone else working on that for me. They gave me directions on how to find it if it was lost in between monitors but it didn’t work. So, that’s another issue. Any ideas on your end?

The steps of alt-spacebar, m, any arrow key, move cursor, click to drop off the window, should work.

Try those steps after opening Extension Manager.

This isn’t working. I tired closing everything down too and then just opening sketchup on my laptop without the other monitor and that doesn’t work either. Do I press alt, spacebar and m together? Then try the arrow key? Maybe I’m not doing the steps right.
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Hold down Alt and tap the spacebar. Release Alt. Tap M, then tap any arrow key. By then the window should be attached to the cursor. I tried the steps, and they do work with the Extension Manager window.

All that is doing is moving my window that is open around the screen. It’s not opening or attaching any other windows. Is there maybe another way to fix this?

The layout of the windows is stored in this folder (you can copy and paste this into File Explorer):

%LocalAppData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2024\SketchUp\

Close SketchUp, go to that folder, and rename PrivatePreferences.json. Reopen SketchUp and agree to the terms and conditions, and then when you get a document going, see if Extension Manager is now visible.

Ok, so when I search in my files it says no items match my search. I’m wondering if this is part of the problem. Maybe there’s a corrupt file somewhere? I did run a repair but it didn’t change anything.

The folder I gave is inside a hidden folder. You could copy and paste what I gave into File Explorer, and then you would be in the right place.

I tired putting it into fine explorer. I would search under the c drive , right? Everything else is in the cloud. Is there another place to search? I just looked under file search in my main files page.

Sorry, I said fine instead of file. I was replying on my iphone.


To get to where you need to be, you would not do any searching.

In File Explorer, type this path:

C:\Users|YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2024\SketchUp\

That’s the longer way to gt to the right folder. Replace YOURUSERNAME with your Windows user name.

When you get to that folder you should see the PrivatePreferences.json file to rename.

Hey Colin,
I had to call our IT guy and I was able to fix the issue with the extension manager and after looking I don’t think I have the most current version of enscape. Here is what I’m seeing. How do I update it? It’s saying there are no current updates.

I’m not sure about why the update checking would not see the new version. You can download the new installer here, and see if things are then improved: