SketchUp Pro 24.0.483 keeps crashing whole Mac!

Since I installed SketchUp Pro 24.0.483 on my MacBook Air (M2 2023), I frequently (3x today so far!) get crashes, but not simply of SketchUp as others wrote here, but rather of the whole Mac! I mean: dark screen, fresh start, new login, the whole 9 yards! Things must be pretty bad somewhere if you manage to crash a Unix-based OS so reliably.
Has anyone had similar experiences? Any advice other than downgrading to SketchUp 2023… I mean upgrading to a more familiar, reliable user experience?

Try turning off anti-aliasing.

Thanks. I tried that and thought it would work, but haven’t used SketchUp much since then. Now, I picked up my work again… and boom → whole MacBook crashed. There must be something seriously wrong with SketchUp Pro 24.0.483!

The complete system crash we know about doesn’t produce a bugsplat, which means I can’t look up what might have happened. That one involves using Enscape, and closing or minimizing the Enscape window.

If you are using Enscape you could keep that window open, and move it off to the side. We have made attempts to stop the crash from happening, but no success yet. We do know that the problem is fixed on Apple’s side of things, in macOS 14.5. There is apparently a public beta of 14.5. You could look in the system settings, feral, software update, and see if you’re able to turn beta updates on:

Or, keep the Enscape window open for now, and wait for the release version of macOS 14.5.

The crash only appears to happen with the new graphics engine. Another option is to go into the SketchUp settings, Graphics, and choose to use the classic graphics engine.

Same issue here using Mac Mini Pro (M2 chip) Sonoma 14.4.1. SU2024 is essentially unusable and I’ve had to revert back to 2023 to get anything done. Really disappointing.

Thanks for the help, @Colin . I turned off the new graphics engine, and my MacBook hasn’t crashed since. I’ll keep you posted, if the crashes should return despite having turned off the new graphics engine.