Crashed Computer while using Sketchup

For the last few days, my computer has been fully crashing while I’m using Sketchup, this happens a few times a day. No prior warning of things slowing down and lagging, it just freezes and crashes. It seems to always happen when I’m using SketchUp but doing different functions ( Opening a file, copying a component from one file to another, closing a file). The machine fully shuts down and reboots when this happens.

I contacted apple support and they suggested I reinstall the OS, which I did and I’m still having the issue. Is this a known bug? How do I work around this?

Apple M2 Ultra
Sketchup 2024
Sonoma 14.4.1

Have you tried going back to the classic OpenGL graphics engine?

I seem to remember reading in this forum that instead of reverting to the old graphics engine, setting “Multisample anti-aliasing” to 0x first might be worth a try.

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Thank you for your input.
@Anssi , I attempted setting the multisampel anti aliasing to 0x put still having the same full computer crash.

@ArchyVR , I reverted to the classic graphics engine, still having crashing but just SketchUp and not the whole machine. So I guess that’s a win? Better then losing the whole machine I guess.

Glad you’re getting some progress.

On a related note, I recently found that I was getting SU crashes every time I tried to purge all or purge components in my model.

After searching for a while, making a copy and deleting components one by one until the crash reproduced itself, it turned out it was a rolled up towel asset I downloaded from the 3d warehouse a while back.

All that said, does SU crash on any file, even new relatively blank files or might you have a corrupt asset like I had causing some havoc?

Just a thought.

Sounds like this thread.

Having the same issues, but I’m running a Windows PC. Machine just freezes up and I have to manually reboot. Switching off Anti-aliasing has not improved the issue. Didn’t ever have this happen with SU2023.