Mac OS ventura Window issue

I updated my mac to Ventura a week or two ago and ever since then I have to open and close sketchup several time to get windows to appear… Sometime this takes about 20-30 minutes and I cant find anything withing the menus to show the windows as they seem to already be open. Does anyone have a fix for this!?

I’m going mad…

Ventura is, I understand, not quite supported yet. Some users have posted success stories, others not so:

It makes me wonder: you both are using Intel Macs with a Radeon graphics card. Is Apple, as it tends to do, leading these into planned obsolescence?

I have seen a case where I couldn’t find my palettes. The Windows menu does have Hide Dialogs/Show Dialogs, you could check what that is set to. For my case I used Preferences/Workspace, Reset Workspace, and haven’t seen the problem since then.

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Memory issues (~45GB) for me cause my machine to crash and burn making Sketchup unusable for now. I literally cannot open Sketchup without experiencing strange system wide behavior.
I was told by support that Ventura is not supported and because they are “publicly traded” cannot even advise when that might happen. Support suggested I go to this forum, facebook, twitter or other social networks. They would not even investigate my documented issue because Ventura isn’t supported at this time. I gave them all the steps to recreate the issue. It is a repeatable issue that I isolated to a complex object I had in my model. Zooming, orbiting and panning all caused 1-2 GB jumps in used memory.

I feel that they should support Ventura because they “publicly” claim they support Macs and that ought to include the most current operating system, or they should clearly clarify “Does not support Ventura yet…” until they can support it. I can’t roll back since files have been changed in other apps.

(M1 Mac mini 2020)

Which version of Ventura? I vaguely remember reading about a runaway memory issue with certain M1 Macs. I have an Intel MBP running Ventura 13.0.1 and haven’t encountered this memory issue with SketchUp 2022.

BTW, yes their wording could be better and should read the way you suggest. But with SketchUp 2023 likely to release sometime in the next month or so (based on past release times), they are probably too busy with that to touch 2022.

I feel your pain. I do not speak Mac. There is a big difference in how Windows and Mac OS’s are released and updated. Windows releases preview versions during development. This allows the software people (SketchUp and those who developed extensions to update their products. Mac on the other hand dumps a new OS leaving all the software people scrambling to adapt while the user fumes about lack of “support”. If you are having issues with the OS, install the previous version. Or possibly try rosetta.

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My Ventura version is “13.0.1" which I just confirmed is the latest version. It may be an Apple issue, but it appears to me that only upon opening Sketchup and trying to do anything in the app with my models do I see the problems materialize. Essentially to get anything working again it forces me to do a hard restart (power button as the OS is locked up).

I tried starting with Rosetta but unfortunately it did not make a difference. Apple’s Mac generally provides some lead time for developers (former iPhone developer here) to test and update their software maybe not enough and perhaps Trimble’s focus is on 2023 using Ventura, which does make sense from a business perspective, but is terrible for me and I guess a few others right now.

I suppose I am just one of the unlucky ones this time around. In the past I have been on the other side of this where I read horror stories but I didn’t see problems on my end (whew!). This is the first I got hit badly and at a terrible time given my subscription is up on the 30th. I’m retired, use as a hobbyist for woodworking, I don’t make money with the tool, so that’s good. I just don’t want to lose all the models I’ve built over the years. It did give me nudge to download Fusion 360 and dabble a bit. It has some potential but it’s $500(US) a year after 3 years.

Does the Free version even exist anymore I wonder? I should check that out before I renew.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2021. At this point in time you can be sure it won’t get updated for an operating system that was released in 2022.

The last free desktop version was 2017 Make. It definitely won’t support current Mac OS versions.

Sorry for the confusion, that’s out of date information. My current version of Sketchup is 2022 (22.0.353). I didn’t even consider that I needed to update that manually, oops.