Mac OS Ventura compatibility

Has there been any testing on Sketchup Pro 2022 with the newest Mac OS Ventura? Release of this OS is expected Monday, October 24, 2022.

Several of us have had Ventura installed for a while (for about six months in my case). I don’t think there is going to be a formal statement of support, except whenever there is a new update to SketchUp. But, SketchUp does appear to work ok. Of course, let us know if you see problems.

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I took the plunge and upgraded to Ventura today. If I run into any problems I’ll post them here. I’m using SketchUp Pro 2022, LayOut and V-Ray 6 on a daily basis.

I have encountered one problem with my Ventura setup. Sketchup keeps “loosing” it’s floating windows. (M1 Mac Pro Max with external Monitor). So what happens is that you open a model and all Sketchup-floating windows are gone. Like Tags, Outliner, etc. Shutting down and reopening Sketchup doesn’t help, restarting the entire Mac does help. It get’s confused because of the second monitor which is there occasionally and not when I’m on the go but it wasn’t a problem before the upgrade.

it’s not just ventura.
I see it a lot, on both mac and pc, when I’m teaching SU to people using multiple screens : from time to time, SU will open the trays / panels / toolbars on the wrong screen.
impacted on mac are all elements other than the main window (toolbars, pref panel, trays), on PC i’ve seen this on toolbars (especially freshly installed extensions) and pref panel (or the 3d text one).

From what I’ve seen, it tend to happen more when you add / remove screens while the computer is running.
On a mac, you’ll see similar behaviour sometimes when emptying the trash or asking for a new “finder” window, it’ll appear on the secondary screen.

It wouldn’t be a big issue if there was some magical command “gather all windows” or something like that. But right now - there is basically nothing you can do.

Heureka! I just found that button! It’s under “Windows” and you first need to click it “Hide dialogs” (Dialoge ausblenden in German - hope I translated it correctly) and after that you click it again “show dialogs” and the suckers appear on the screen.


I’ve been running Sketchup 22.0.353 on a macBook Pro with Ventura 13.1 for a few weeks now. All works fine except for one tiny anomaly. If I click the green button in a floating window, I get into full-screen mode. If I hover in the top left corner of this window, the window tool-bar is never exposed so I can’t get the floating window back. All the window items in the Window menu drop-down are greyed out. Ctrl-Cmd-F doesn’t do anything.

Layout 22.0.353 on Ventura 13.1 doesn’t show this problem.

Sketchup Pro 21.1.331 on Ventura 13.1 doesn’t show this problem.

Floating window:
Floating window

Full screen window:
Fullscreen window

In both cases my cursor is hovering in the top left corner (but doesn’t show up in the screen capture)

Very odd.

I don’t see that with SU 22.1.165 on Ventura 13.0.1. I wonder if this is an issue with the beta version of Ventura 13.1 (which hasn’t been released yet)?

I don’t have that problem. It may be that I’m on a later beta of 13.1 than you are.

Thanks for that Colin. I’ve just checked and I seem to be up to date on both fronts. I guess I’ll just wait until the dust settles.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 17.10.25

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 17.10.42

Just for completeness, here’s what I get with Layout 2022 and the latest version of Ventura:

Full screen (no cursor captured)
Fullscreen view - Layout

Anyone know whether Skalp is happy with Ventura?

I’ve just noticed that, whilst Colin and I believe we have the latest version of Sketchup Pro - SU 22.0.353, - you seem to have SU 22.1.165. Where did you find that?

Brain fart! I have 22.0.353. I stupidly took the subversion you had posted for 21 and attached it to 22.