Apple Ventura

I unfortunately upgraded my iMac to the operating system Ventura without knowing that SketchUp has not upgraded their software to allow it to run on Ventura.

If Trimble had thought to notify it’s users to wait, because SketchUp won’t operate until their software engineers are ready, it would have been considerate. As a result, in order for me or others that have upgraded our operating system now have to downgrade the system. Not a pleasant process and potentially risky.

I would like to see that Trimble apologize and let us all know that this won’t happen again without us being notified.

Sincerely, Barry Shapiro, Architect

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Weird, Ventura seems well supported though. SU staff have been testing it for a while now.

what sort of troubles are you having ? crashes ? freezes ?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019. It doesn’t seem very reasonable to blame Trimble because your three year old version of SketchUp doesn’t work on a brand new operating system version. The developers have worked on the current version of SketchUp to make it work on Ventura.


There will be no new updates to SketchUp Pro 2019.


Sorry to say but I find your post a little funny.

I usually check for notification before I do anything…
Oh, and there really is something here:


As noted, the issue is with SketchUp 2019 not being updated for the new os. But this has always been the case on Mac. Trimble almost never updates old releases of SketchUp if a new macOS breaks them.

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I also updated to MacOS Ventura and skp runs without any problem.

That’s very interesting Francis,

This copied from the SketchUp Support Team in an email to me…

Currently Ventura is not supported for SketchUp Pro 2022 and we do not have a timeline for its support.

so, let me ask again,

what sort of troubles are you having ? crashes ? freezes ?

also, your profile indicates you’re working on version 2019,Support’s team is about version 2022…
Thig is, SU 2023 is right around the corner, so I guess instead of issuing an official seal of compatibility, with a potential necessary update, the dev team prefers to work on the new 2023 version knowing (as mentioned in the link in my first message) 2022 runs ok on ventura.

Hence my question : what sort of troubles are you having ? crashes ? freezes ?

Something being not supported doesn’t not mean it does not work.

It means that support (assistance) for it is unavailable, so IF things do not work, then there may not be a solution known by the support teams for you.

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To be more clear: When I upgraded to Ventura, I got a window saying something similar to my 2019 SketchUp was destroyed. That’s when I contacted support.

Since the upgrade, I installed their first upgraded revision from Apple. At this point, I don’t know how to get back the 2019 software I had. I’ve written SketchUp once again.

I thought I would wait and try once again, before moving backward from Ventura.

You may ask, why I don’t upgrade to the current Pro. I’m semi-retired and know longer use this software daily.

I have had problems with freezing and un-responsive mouse after installing Ventura on my Intel iMac. I have sent crash report to both Apple and SketchUp.

If you’re going to stick with SketchUp 2019 you should stick with an operating system that it supports.

If you need to download SketchUp 2019 again you can get it from here: Download-Center – SketchUp Pro

It might be your skp versión, the 2022 runs well.

I’m working with Ventura and Sketchup Pro 2022 and I have no problem. It works perfectly.

I have an m1 mac mini running latest Ventura on skp2022. I am suffering horrible memory issues. Gigabytes by simply orbiting, zooming. Drawing a box causes another gig or two. It’s horrendous. I have no clue. I disabled most of my extensions restarted, closed everything again, shutdown and restarted.

I watch the memory on (activity monitor app) grow to 45 GB before everything locks us.

Are you using rosseta? Check it and try to change if possible

Thank you for the suggestion. I was not using rosseta. I toggled it on and restarted the app. Still seeing significant memory usage when orbiting and zooming my drawing.

I suspect my issue may be related to an object (a chair) I brought in from “3D Warehouse” for a different and more complex drawing of ~1000K edges. When I wanted to use that same object in my new and smaller drawing I simply copy/pasted it. That object alone had ~30K edges while the rest of the drawing has only ~600 edges (so enormously disproportionate). When I opened the original complex drawing again I am not seeing that kind of memory usage. So either the copy/paste caused issues or the disproportionate size of a single object is causing a problem. I have not tested this yet.
I removed the object and memory creep was very slight. I replicated the issue by recopying the chair and pasting in the less complex drawing and noticed the memory growth immediately returned.
So for now I’m going to just do without the chair in the new drawing or try importing directly through the 3d warehouse.
I hope that makes some sense. I felt I should detail my experience in case it helps someone else with a similar issue.

Do you have a 3D Connexion 3D navigating device? Old versions of their drivers have memory leaks.
Some other extension might also be the culprit.

Try to download low poly objects for furniture, if you’re modeling architecture, it’s not worth it to have high poly on secondary objects.