SketchUp Pro and MacBook Pro Issue

Hello, is there a problem using a late 2020 model MacBook Pro, M1, 8GB Ram, and the Ventura OSX 13.0.0 with SketchUp Pro(Subscription) Ver. 22.0.353?
I’m new to sketchup, however, it appears everytime I get started building a model the software freezes, and all I see is a colorful orb spinning for days…

And insight would be helpful, so I know how to solve this problem…


It’s possible you might have issues. SketchUp 2022 hasn’t been updated since Ventura was released in October. At this point in time I would expect that SketchUp 2023 will be the first to support Ventura.

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As you can see, Ventura is not in the list with compatible operating systems.
Best practice is to make sure all your software is compatible with the new OS before upgrading the OS.
For now you could roll back to Monterey untill Sketchup 2023 comes out which will likely be supporting Ventura…

I’ve got an M1-Pro and Sketchup Pro works – but it crashes wayyyy too often – usually with bug splats after choosing not-to-save, or moving a piece of geometry, etc., etc… If I have any network interruption (ethernet) at all, it’s an almost guaranteed crash.

Which suggests you are working with files not saved locally. It has become increasingly clear over the years that the safest workflow is to only work locally and manually sync to the cloud.


I understand that, but in an office environment, having files accessible and backed up is important enough that C: drive surfing isn’t a good option. Windows apps will lose a connection for a short while and resume when the connection reestablishes itself. On my Mac it’s “poof!”, so there’s a discontinuity there in error handling. Which shouldn’t be much of an issue this late into the life-cycle of this software.

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