Sketchup 2021 compatibility with Mac os12 Monterey beta


I’m a long time perpetual licence user who isn’t going the subscription route anytime soon so my sketchup pro 2021 is going to be my version going forward for the foreseeable future.

My very old MacBook Pro is on its last legs and the plan was to wait until the larger more powerful MacBook Pro m1x/m2 models come out.

But rather silly of me I forgot to consider that any new macs released in 2021/2022 with Monterey may not be able to be backwards installed with Big Sur (going on history) which was going to be my solution.

Obviously I’m wondering if I count my losses and try and get a m1 or intel MacBook Pro whilst they are still being sold but would much rather get a more powerful 16” silicon m model

I know that sketchup 2021 will not officially get updated to work with Monterey but I read that sketchup 2020 unofficially works with big sur so I was wondering how people were getting on with existing versions of sketchup on the Monterey beta?

Thanks in advance

My M1 iMac has been in storage for approaching three months, but last that I remember, 2019, 2020, and 2021, were all working ok in Monterey.

As of now, no version of SketchUp is stated to be supported in Monterey. I can’t be sure about release dates for macOS or SketchUp, but my guess is that it will be a couple of updates before Monterey has been out long enough for sufficient testing to claim that SketchUp supports it.

Thanks Colin - that sounds hopeful

Can I ask you another question - as I said I’m using a perpetual sketchup pro 2021 license which m&s runs out November

So far I’ve only activated it on one computer so I have one activation left

Say I end up waiting for the m1x/m2 MacBook Pro to come out (which will probably be released after my m&s expires) or I buy a refurb to make saw installing big sur is an option:

Can I activate sketchup 2021 perpetual on a second machine after my m&s expires

Also could I move the license to another computer after this date if need be after m&s expires

My retailer is a bit vague saying that I may get blocked and says that anything I do I do at my own risk

Thanks again

You should be able to activate another machine after your M&S is expired, and at any time you could remove your current machine’s license and activate that on yet another future new computer.