Will sketchup 2020 work with Monterey OS

I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) and I have a license of Sketchup Pro 2020

Has anyone Sketchup Pro 2020 updated to MacOS Monterey and found that it all worked okay? My current operating system is High Sierra 10.3.16.

I am too scared to risk it but would love to know if anyone has done the same and found it paid off?

Hi, I’m on Monterey 12.3 and everything works like a charm, so you are fine :slight_smile: Tested on iMac 5K and MBP M1 Max…

I use it on Make 2017 and have been running it since 28 Dec 21. Have a look in this thread for other responses. Mac OS Monterey - Not brave enough to upgrade?

MBP M1 Max with Monterey - so the latest kit and OS - works fine except that alot of the extensions are not compatible. Looks like you cant win - as soon as you upgrade the hardware then the software / extensions is a problem in the short term until extension creators update

You could make a copy of the SketchUp.app in SketchUp 2022 folder, and Get Info. Set the copy to run in Rosetta.

That would let you use those extensions while you wait for them to be updated for M1 support.

Great - thanks for the fix !

Thanks WeAreJohan. I am concerned that my Mac’s model (late 2015) will be the factor that brings me undone. Any thoughts on the model’s factor. I had previously had sketch up 2016 and everything went pear shaped with an upgrade and it became totally unusable.

My iMac is a late fully stocked 2015 model as well, but haven’t used it in months (waiting for the 27" update), before that it worked well, hope that helps.