Sketchup Pro 2020 updates for Mac Monterrey

Hi Team, I am new here. I was working very fine with the above until Apple installed (automatically) Monterrey. Sketchup would not open again.
I had to revert the upgrade to function again.

Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved now?
I would appreciate your help for me to be able to upgrade my OS.
Please advice
Thank you

Unlikely there will be update for SU2020.
They have added support for MacOS 12.0 (Monterey) in SketchUp 2022.

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What happens when you try to open SketchUp 2020? If you see any bugsplats, can you send one in?

Hi Colin, thank you for coming back. Unfortunately, I can’t do that again as I reverted back to Big Sur. But, at the time, I sent over two dozen bugsplat. And the worst, both my macs are being used to work with Sketchup. Therefore difficult for me to have Monterrey. Is there a way to retrieve sent bugsplat?
Do you have any idea what we can do next? I really need to upgrade soon.
Is there a way to get Sketchup without a subscription?

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Before asking you about bugsplats I had checked for any from you. Couldn’t find anything under your email address or name.

Whether you got SketchUp with a subscription, or if you already had a 2020 classic license, it would be the same application. It wouldn’t affect crashes.

I went back and searched for bugsplats again. Found that my search was limited to 30 days, so changed that. Then I saw your crashes from December. I will see if any developers can take a look to see what they have in common. Thanks for the notes you added to some of the reports.

One possible arrangement is a dual boot system. I need Mojave for certain apps. I recently partitioned the drive on a machine into two volumes with Monterey on one and Mojave on the other. You can choose which one to boot from. Rebooting is inconvenient, but it is workable if you need it. The other volume can also be an external drive. It’s one way to test out a new operating system before totally committing to it.

I’ll have to try 2020 on this system under Monterey myself to see what happens. I haven’t gotten that far yet with setting it up.

Hi Colin, do you have any news from the team?

This is a headache. Need an external drive which takes ages to start and then crashed. I gave up.
I went back to Big Sur. Now the MacPro takes 3 mins to start; starting with a black screen.

At this point I think it’s safe to say there’ll be no further updates to SketchUp 2020 if that’s what you’re waiting for.

I don’t remember what happened at that time. Sometimes I will ask them to look into a problem, and then not hear what the outcome was.

I see that all of the bugsplats you sent in from June til December last year were all while running Big Sur. Did you stop sending any in after December 21st 2021?

SketchUp 2020 wasn’t formally tested with any macOS later than Catalina, but it does seem to still work in Monterey, and in Ventura. That you still had plenty of crashes after going back to Big Sur makes it seem likely that it’s what you were doing that mattered, and not which system you booted from.

There are two main kinds of crashes that you have seen. I looked to see what comments other people with the same crash had, and a few seemed to be using Skalp. Do you use Skalp, and Fredo6 Animator? Are those up to date?

What is the nature of your SketchUp license? I can’t find a Classic license for you, or a subscription. If you do have a Classic license it would be worth checking if you were entitled to a 2021 license.

Hi Colins,
Sorry for the delay. There must be confusion. The Bugsplats sent were from running Monterrey, not Big Sur.
I had to reverse the update to Big Sur. I’m using this BigSur to be able to use Sketchup.
I would like to upgrade but having those issues, I can’t.
On the other hand, I would happily buy Sketchup 2022 but I am against monthly/yearly charges as MICROSOFT :face_vomiting: does.
One buy, one pay and the program is mine.
Is this option available?
Thank you

Not any more.