Mac OS Monterey

I’ve just seen Mac OS Monterey is available, does anyone know if it will affect Make 2017 with any adverse effect? Thanks.

A quick try on my iMac and SketchUp 2017 crashed soon first time. Second time it seemed to continue working. I think even on Big Sur it would crash after a while.

But, my iMac has both Monterey and it’s an M1 processor, so there are a couple of reasons older versions may not work.

Thanks Colin.

Maybe the following experience may help with the decision to upgrade to Mac OS Monterey: I am using a MacBook Pro 13“ 2019 together with the Mac OS Catalina and was avoiding to upgrade to Big Sur just because not being sure if my good „old“ SketchUp Pro 2019 would work properly with the Big Sur. But since Apple came up now with the next OS (because of security reasons) I hesitated no longer and did the upgrade now to Monterey… while crossing my fingers - which might have helped - because my SketchUp works properly together with the new Mac OS Monterey!

I have same question. Did your SketchUp Make work on Monterey or still waiting to upgrade OS


Hi Mark, I haven’t upgraded to Monteray yet, dont want to run the risk of losing SU 2017 Make.

Thanks for your reply. I will wait too. Surprisingly difficult to determine compatibility…

Haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t imagine they would allow compatibility between the two. The idea is to force people to the paid subscription model for Sketchup. I don’t plan on upgrading my operating system.