Mac OS Monterey - Not brave enough to upgrade?

Please forgive the repost of topic! it’s just that I don’t want to run the risk of losing Make 2017 functionality as I only need it for basic woodwork designs and it totally fulfils my needs.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone using Make 2017 has upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey and had any issues making 2107 function correctly. Hopefully there are some out there who have and can provide feedback and therefore just bumping this before making the decision to upgrade.

Many thanks.

Have you read through other threads on the topic of Monterey and other older versions of SketchUp? I expect you could get a pretty reasonable idea of your chances that way.

I did Dave but little in the way of specific issues reported. Love the sleepless night stuff in Gallery by the way!

Maybe it’ll take a little while to get some others to try it. The SketchUp Make users might all be a little shy about upgrading their OS for the same reason you are.

And thanks!

My thoughts exactly.

I normally run SU 2021 on Monterey 12.1, but I keep installations of older versions for testing. SketchUp 2017 Make will run on Monterey, but I have seen occasional crashes after working with it for a while. So my bottom line would be that you can do it, but it would be a good idea to save frequently to minimize what you may lose if it crashes.

Many thanks. Now almost swayed to do the upgrade.

Like Steve, I normally use SU2021 and recently upgraded the OS to Monterey. Also like Steve, I keep older versions of SU for testing plugins.

SU Make 2017 starts and appears to run ok on Monterey, but I haven’t used it for any length of time.

But older (I think 32 bit) versions of SU like 2014 and v8 won’t even start, and are marked as unusable after the upgrade.


Thanks for all the advice. I did the upgrade and have been running SU 2017 solidly for 80 minutes trying hard to crash it by smashing together loose geometry, groups and components and then exploding and re-grouping, creating large arrays (which normally crashed 2017!) and painting surfaces, then intersecting faces and deleting geometry.

Still going strong with no bugsplats so it would appear to be as stable in Monterey as in Big Sur.

Happy days.


I followed your lead and have no problems SketckUp Make 2017 on Imac Monterey. Thanks for posting!

I’ve not upgraded from a previous version, I’ve just taken the plunge and bought my first ever MacBook. I have installed SUP2017 with Layout etc obvs, and, I know it’s not a huge amount, but I’ve done maybe 10hr SU on it total and it’s been flawless, plus an absolute pleasure to use, all-round.
I say go for it and enjoy.

Wait a minute, nobody said anything about the upside down backwards text problem in Sketchup 2017. The problem started on Big Sur and it is still not fixed yet in Monterrey. Or is it? Is there a solution that I don’t know about? I just installed Monterrey on my 2018 mac mini and text and dimension text is still backwards.

That was identified as a graphics driver issue. From the varius reports it doesn’t affect all graphics cards, though. It was reported to Apple so hopefully they’ll fix it.

Thanks. Ah I hope so. I mostly use sketchup these days for 3d printing, and the plain text tool is so handy for keeping track of slicer settings. It’s fun tweaking and fine tuning slicer settings.
But in the meantime, I am wondering if there is any other way to somehow affix a bit of text to a sketchup drawing. Nothing fancy. Is this something that could be done with an extension? It would just be a temporary fix. Just for now.

The only other option would be to use 3D text. Leave it unextruded and not part of the solid objects you are creating and it shouldn’t get in the way.

Ok I’ll give it a try

Another alternative is FlatText, available at the Extension Warehouse. The full version is not free, but I think there is a usable free one too.

I understood that the reversed text problem appears only on (some?) external monitors, not on the integrated laptop screen.

That may be. I remember that some users had that problem while others didn’t.

I’ve forgotten the details, as it hasn’t happened to me, but I only use the internal monitor on my MBP.