SketchUp Pro 2018 - OSX 12.1 Monterey on a 2017 MacbookPro

Good day everyone.
I’ve been using SketchUp Pro 2018 since march 2017.
It’s been installed on a 2009 iMac and a 2012 MacBook Pro.

Both my old Macs were falling into pieces and I bought a used 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
I read here and there that Monterey and SU 2018 had some issues but I started by not finding any proper installers for the 2018 version. It jumps from 2017 to 2019.

I was really hoping I could use the 2018 Licence I bought on the newer machine without having to upgrade to SU 2021.

I tried to simply copy the apps from my old machine to the new one. It seems to work aside of an “offline” problem that I found some tips on how to resolve. But I am aware that it is far from ideal.

I am a professional user but never really felt the need for more features than the 2018 version offers. I don’t do renders, lighting, it is really to structure my thinking and used to prepare my cutting list or CNC paths.

My questions :

  • is there anyway I could find a 2018 installer? Would it work on this new machine running Monterey? it feels like it could but the info I found around was not conclusive, fully.
  • Do I have to upgrade to 2020 or 2021 SU version?

Thanks for your time reading me, hope you could bring something to my reflection.



See this for a link to download 2018.

Keep in mind that SketchUp 2018 doesn’t support the newer operating system. That doesn’t mean it won’t work but it might have problems. Some users have reported issues with older SketchUp versions on newer Mac OS versions. Some users have had good luck.

Thanks Dave, the disk image provided by the link you gave is the app + Lay out + Style builder, no installer that would put things right in the libraries and so on. I’ll keep looking!

I may be forced to use my Old Macs for working on a stable version of SU :slight_smile: not exactly optimal. But as said, I’ll keep looking.

What are you talking about? Double click on the dmg and drag the icon to Applications. There isn’t anything else to keep looking for.

Installation instructions for Mac:

Make sure you’re logged into your computer as a user who has Administrative privileges.

  1. Close any existing application versions of SketchUp, Layout, and StyleBuilder.

Tip: You may also want to remove any existing SketchUp icons from your dock from previous versions (Right-click on the dock icon > Options > Remove from Dock), to avoid version mixups.

  1. Locate and double-click on the Installer file (DMG file, probably in your Downloads folder). This will mount the installer drive and open a window with a SketchUp icon on it.
  2. Drag the SketchUp icon and Drop it in the Applications folder to copy the application to your computer.
  3. You’ll see a progress bar as the files are copied, once this is complete you’ll have a new SketchUp folder under Applications.
  4. To launch SketchUp you’ll navigate to the SketchUp folder and Double Click the SketchUp icon.
  5. The first time you launch the software, you may be prompted with security message, if so, click Open .
  6. You should now close the Installer window and delete the Disk Image drive icon from your desktop by dragging it to the Trash Can. Note that this icon is not the SketchUp application.

You may want to reboot your computer after the installation completes.

Just to be 100% certain, I downloaded the 2018 installer from that link. It is a dmg file. You open that dmg and it will display a dialog with two icons, one for SketchUp and one for the Applications folder. You install SketchUp by dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications folder icon in the dialog. That will copy the files to the correct places. Then close the dialog and eject the dmg. All other setup is done when you then open the apps from your Applications folder.

I suspect you are navigating to the dmg in Finder and looking around inside it. That is not the right way to install or access SketchUp. In fact, if you try to run it from inside the dmg, all sorts of errors are likely because that is not the right location!

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