SketchUp 2018 Pro on Mac OS Big Sur

Does anyone know if SketchUp 2018 Pro works on Mac OS Big Sur? Has anybody tried?

I failed to start SU2018 Pro on Catalina so I had to downgrade to Mojave.

What about Big Sur?

SU2018 does not support Big Sur. It might work but as history has shown, things could be flaky.

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As Dave says, 2021 is the first version to state it has support for Big Sur, but earlier versions can work, at least for a while. In my tests I found that 2017 quit after a little while, and 2018 quit after a much longer while.

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How much time did 2018 work, approximately? And did it work after restarting?

I’m thinking about upgrading to big sur, and firstly, try sketchup free online, and swap for more complex handlings to my desktop 2018 pro version (is it possible to swap models back and forth). Maybe later I’ll go for the workshop or pro subscription.

I had it open in the background, not being used. It closed itself after a while, maybe as much as two hours later.