Sketchup 2020 on Big Sur

Has anybody update to Mac OS Big Sur Final release?
Does Sketchup pro desktop work?

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On my MacBook Pro it does. I also tested 2016 and later, and they seem to work as well as in Catalina.

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Confucius say:

“Update early
Face the hurly burly”

Or was that the witches in Macbeth?

The 3DConnexion SpaceMouse doesn’t work on Big Sure :frowning:
I just downgraded back to Catalina.
This sound good :slight_smile: untill you try it and afterwards read the release notes :frowning:

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Big Zeur!

I remember a recent SketchUp forums e-mail that contained a topic about a couple features that either didn’t work or were marginal with a beta of Big Sur. They weren’t features that I use, or at least haven’t used, so I read the e-mail and then discarded it figuring I could find it again in the forum posts if I needed it. Wrong! Doing a search for “Big Sur” just brings up a lot of irrelevant topics. How do I find that article? And more importantly, will the SketchUp team keep us informed?

I sent Aaron an email to make sure he doesn’t update just jet.

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Wasn’t there also something about bleeding edges?

“Out, out, damned spot”?

Though, of course, lots of dog lovers say that daily.

Trimble’s pet is named Spot, I believe:

@Beamer2 may also have been thinking about “the multitudinous seas incarnadine”. But I fear we may gone a bit off topic…

Update to what I said. I found that 2017.3 sat open on an M1 Mac crashed after a little while, and 2017.3 on my Intel MacBook Pro crashed after a while long, doing nothing in the background.

2016 was similar with Catalina. I’m trying 2018 now, see how long that lasts.

I too have seen 2017 seemingly run fine for a while on Catalina 10.15.7 and then suddenly crash with no consistent trigger that I’ve identified.

Interesting. I do have to try things in a lot of different versions, but need not stay in that version for very long. With 2016 I often would not have finished what I was trying before it quit, I hadn’t seen that with 2017.

At the moment 2018 is hanging in there.

Have an external boot disk for sketchup now

So I should be safe.

And being retired it’s not essential to me :slight_smile:

Update to Big Sur yesterday. Sketchup 2020 works fine.

With 3D Connexion Mouse?

3DConnexion has a beta version that purportedly supports Big Sur, but says it is not yet compatible with SketchUp.

spacemouse doesn’t work with SketchUp in combination with Big Sure

Confirming this to be true.