SketchUp pro 2015 on Mac OS 11.5 big Sur

Hi all, sorry for the dumb question - despite using Macs (Photoshop, SketchUp et al) for many years, I’ve never got to grips with updating software and OS!!!.. I upgrade when I absolutely must, because, far too many times I’ve run into compatibility issues with other devices or applications…

My question is simply: I have SUpro 2015 on my home Mac - will it still run on OS 11.5 Big Sur?

Thanks for any replies and/or input

For each version you go back, the situation gets worse. For example, 2017 may work for a short while in Big Sur. With 2015, it doesn’t even successfully launch.

Thanks for the reply… that’s a little disappointing, although expected! I guess I won’t update the OS on my home MacBook Pro just yet…
More of a concern is the work iMac though which is due to be replaced this month - I’ve become very comfortable using SU2015.
I’ll have to learn how to port across settings, toolbox layouts and extensions etc!