Mac OS Sierra & Sketchup PRO 2015....?


I have Sketchup PRO 2015 & have just upgraded to Mac OS Sierra. It is now evident that there are issues wth the compatibility.

I have read the other work arounds but they do not work with 2015, would I assume then that I have to but 2016 or 2017 to get around this problem & why should I when I had a perfectly working piece of software??

All hel[p & advice gratefully received.



SketchUp 2017 supports Sierra. It is the version that was released after Sierra was introduced.

You could go back to your previous operating system if you prefer to keep using SketchUp 2015. Older SketchUp versions don’t get updates when newer operating systems are released. That’s part of what a new version of SketchUp is for.

Thank you for the quick response DaveR.

Just seems an unnecessary expense, it was all working good yesterday, now it isn’t.
Anyhow, I have just gone to upgrade to 2017. I understand this as a ÂŁ141.00 upgrade on my current License. Is this correct?

Further as I was about to proceed I had an error message regarding my graphics card which has advised me to then buy a new graphics card.

Is this true?

I am frustrated… I have had a little chat to myself and have calmed down. I just want to get on with my work. I am not a massively computer literate person & I do not have a bigger picture idea as to how to best proceed.

Although going back to my old operating system seems the obvious answer to get quick results.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.



I understand. If Apple didn’t change the operating system in ways that impact applications that are installed, this sort of thing wouldn’t be a problem. But alas, they do make changes and that requires applications to be updated. SketchUp doesn’t update old, unsupported versions. The annual new version releases are intended to take care of issues like new OS versions.

You need to check with the sketchUp folks to confirm that. There is an upgrade wizard that can help you determine the cost after you enter your existing license info.

Thank you DaveR for your time & advice.

I have spoken to a reseller to confirm that the graphics card is not an issue & will upgrade accordingly.


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