Need to download SketchUp Pro 2015 for MAC

My PC crashed and need to run 2015 on my MAC. Everytime I try to download, the newest version (2016) downloads. Can someone send me the link for 2015 MAC?

The “all” link as of 08/24/2020 only goes back to 2017 Pro

Yes it does now. I posted that link more than 4 years ago. 2017 is as far back as it goes now. I’m not sure why you would want 2015 anymore. The 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse don’t support it anymore and features like Add Location don’t work in it, either.

Because it’s the license I have that is paid for and I don’t have the cash for subscription because I only need it occasionally. I also prefer my own components over the 3d warehouse.

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I see. Well, I don’t know if it’s going to be available at all but you could try to get in touch with customer support through the site.

Have a look Here.

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Support is why I am here. They won’t send it to me, so I’m relying on the community. So far I’m excited at how active everyone is on a really old post

Maybe you should consider buying a new permanent license now before the last chance on Nov 4th.

Thanks. That is for MAKE. I need PRO 2015. Currently brushing up on my German to see if I can locate a Euro Copy. :wink:

Make becomes pro if you add a license.

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defeats the purpose of my 2015 “permanent license” which turns out is not so permanent.

Make Becomes Pro when you add a license for the win. Adding “download sketchup pro 2015” and MAC OS in this comment so it shows up for someone else. Thanks for your help everyone!!

In support’s defense, my colleague did send your license to you, even with you not being under support for over 5 1/2 years. But, I will bring up the question about where to download old version. Formally we only support the last three versions, and 2017 is something of an oddity. Still, I can check if it would be ok to point you to archives of the installers, without making it seem like we’re still supporting the old versions.

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Thanks for the offer, but I got what I needed, Colin. See above where “Make becomes Pro when you add a license” gets the win. I already had my Serial Number and authorization, but there is no clear identification of the version based on either of those numbers or the license information alone. I finally found the email with the version in the heading, but the version is not clearly identifiable or coded based on the license information itself. Support did tell me the version and did send me to the community page, which i simply stated above already.

I also recognize I’m asking for an old version, so there is no need for the dig “even with you not being under support for over 5 1/2 years.” Unfortunately, my comment about “my permanent license … [being] not so permanent” got under someone’s skin.
Sometimes hard drives crash, along with your backup files. Not sure that referencing my email with support belongs on the forum, but don’t put anything in an email or on the internet if you are not okay with your mom seeing it, right?

Ultimately, the community came through, which I am grateful for and quickly and openly praised.

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I meant more to compliment my colleague than give a dig at you, sorry about that.

For anyone now curious about it, the first letter of the serial number represents the year. Your QA serial number is 2015, and currently we are on VA with 2020. In your case the end of the serial number is ALM, and that tells you two things. The AL represents @Last Software, meaning you bought the license direct from us. The M is Macintosh, when you bout 2013 licenses were still platform specific, and even had extra numbers in it. With 2015 the extra numbers were dropped, and the license will work cross platform, even with the M at the end.

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A=1999? What happens after 2024? SketchUp was not expected to last as a product for more than 26 years?

Probably don’t need to worry about it with the change to the subscription. :wink:

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My oldest serial number starts with JA (and also ends with ALM), and that’s for 5.0. I’m not sure what it took for it to go from A to J in only five versions. I suspect I was missed (as was O).

If we do need to make a new classic license after 2022 comes out, that still gives up X, Y, and Z to work through, before there is a problem.