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Hello looking to see if someone can help me. In 2016 I had purchased a pro license. I had my serial number sent to me to retrieve my SketchUp pro unfortunately I realized that this is no longer available on SketchUp website. I purchased a brand new laptop thinking I could download I am someone who is a tradesman now-retired who just likes to draw I do not make any money off of this software. My question is there anyone out there who can provide me with a 2016 pro version that I can download? and I have the serial number to activate it. Thanks john

A simple search of the forum would turn up the link:

That looks like the same link!

We must have used the same search terms. :wink: Or I used the same search terms but you have the link memorized and just type it out without looking it up.

Still, taken in account that I am a long, long way from the discourse-forum server, I would say that I beat you, is it not?:thinking:

I don’t know where the Discourse server is. I thought it was in Belgium.

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Appreciate your response I did my best, I guess there is no such version left of the 2016 SketchUp pro. Such a shame for myself and others who have paid for this software and actually have the serial numbers to activate it and not being able to retrieve it.

The link must have been altered. BTW. do not rely on email links for your external storage of installation software. Download and save the installer somewhere safe and reachable…

I think @SketchUp3D_de doesn’t mind me linking here:

Results in: Tut uns leid … blablabla, so no deal. (sounds like the Brexit)

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Then click on the first link, under the hidden button and download 2016 Make and add your Pro License…

Mike I so appreciate your help you’re giving me hope. I might need a little more though I love the little video you sent me on where to click but cannot get to this page but when I clicked on the link you posted first it came out in German and then when I hit English the page said error can you help me with this link and somehow send it to me so I can get to the page you are animating?

In order to move a license to another computer, you may need to remove the license from the old computer first, if you have reached the 2 install maximum.

If you did, then you also paid for the maintenance and support fee for that year allowing you a free upgrade to the next version which (in your case) is SketchUp Pro 2017.

EDIT: New information shows that the OP instead bought SketchUp Pro 2015 (or an earlier version) and received the maintenance upgrade to SketchUp 2016 Pro, but did not keep their support and maintenance plan current and is now 2 years behind.

You can get it’s English download here …

… or any language here for the latest 3 versions of Pro …

Contact SketchUp Customer Support for a new 2017 Pro license (each year’s version uses a separate license key.) …

if you still need the SU version 2016 because of e.g. old plugins not compatible w/ recent SU versions or because the reduced OpenGL requirements with the ability to switch off the OpenGL hardware acceleration not supported by your graphics system, and only then, click on the link posted by Dave in the first reply and download.

The 3D Warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2016.

Trimble supports only the latest 3 versions of SketchUp. (It’s in the EULA.)

Do not believe what just anyone says on Google.

  1. Update your graphics driver from (as computers can be in transit from overseas manufacturing and/or sit on shelves for months and their drivers will always be out of date.)

  2. Run Nvidia Control Panel and set SketchUp to use the “high performance Nvidia processor

  3. Please call SketchUp Customer Support as you are entitled being a Pro customer, and get your free license for v2017.
    Contact Support | SketchUp Help

And get information DIRECT from the horse’s mouth …