Downloading a licensed copy - 2015 pro version no longer supported?

I’m a small (single proprietor) architect who paid for and own a licensed copy of Pro 2015, which I still use. I also paid for maintenance and support for the the first year (2015). My computer hard drive recently crashed and I lost it, and need to re-download it onto a replacement drive, but SU no longer offers that download version on their site and Support will not help me, only responding that they no longer support it. They seem to offer no method of getting it back. They want me to buy the latest version, which I would probably do next year. But I liked 2015 Pro just fine and should have the right to still use it; I do not wish to pay for upgrade at this time. 2015 is not that long ago!
Any advice, or any sources out there?? I’ve seen earlier versions on free download sites but I am worried about their safety and probable malware and damage that comes with the download.

SketchUp 2016 is the oldest version available from

You are right to be concerned about downloading programs from other sites because they often do have malware and other not pleasant stuff added.

Did you try to have the data recovered off the old hard drive. Maybe that’s an option.

It’s probably time to just update.

Yes I did try (to get data recovered off old hard drive). A great deal of it was corrupted. I actually had a back-up I had made of my old drive before it crashed, on to a portable hard drive. But the SU files don’t seem to be there, unless they are in hidden files, or any interface with Windows doesn’t work because there is also no desktop icon/trigger/executable files showing either. I guess it would have to be “reinstalled” even if I could find them?

I don’t understand why if I paid for it, and had a licensed copy, and if it wasn’t that old (2015), why I no longer have the right to get it back from SU…
Thanks for your time and comments or help.

Did you still have a copy of the original downloaded installer? That would have been the thing to look for.

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Hi Dan-

I can’t recommend downloading an installer from a third-party site.

If you find an old copy of the installer, you can use checksum information to somewhat verify that the installer hasn’t been tampered with or corrupted.

You can calculate the checksum of the installer using the “File Checksum Integrity Validator” from Microsoft, and then compare your results with the ones I have listed below. If the checksums don’t match, the installer has definitely been altered. If the checksums do match, there’s still a possibility that the installer has altered but it’s much more difficult.

SketchUp Pro Windows 32-bit version 15.3.330
Name: sketchuppro-2015-3-330-70959-en-x86.exe
Size: 104,476,656 bytes
MD5 checksum: 66147f7aa48b409fd1b3a516b96bf38a
SHA-1 checksum: 92f0b900715160de27371239c6de2cafed8a9f77

SketchUp Pro Windows 64-bit version 15.3.331
Name: sketchuppro-2015-3-331-70959-en-x64.exe
Size: 114,281,544 bytes
MD5 checksum: ea5420774b34b5e06d92a1ca4e98e0b2
SHA-1 checksum: c709c9d46dbe7e1a9e0358b03f04e688e4838ab5

I recently also had a HDD failure last summer. I had a new SDD installed to replace it. The tech managed to save all files but said I would have to download and reinstall all the applications other than the OS and related. I just looked and there are installers in my downloads folder. SU 2008 is there.

Thank you. I am working on taxes right now but I hope to look for installer files on old back-up of hard drive and try this soon. I’m not really tech-savvy enough on that to feel confident with what I’m doing, but I am a Sketch-Up software fan and need it back. I just wish they (SU) would honor their paying customers for more than 2 years with version re-loads……

Best regards,

Dan Michal

Registered Architect, NCARB website: Phone: 251-459-3215

Hey what’s up! I found this thread because I was in your exact same boat… up a creek without a paddle thanks to Sketchup not supporting customers that legally purchase their product. I have a paid license for Pro 2015 and my computer crashed last week. I fixed my computer and began installing all the software again… headed on over to Sketchup’s website just to find out that my 3 year old paid software was no longer supported. I received the same run around by tech support. Their actual response was to come to forums and see if someone had a copy I could download.

Well, I lucked out because I had an install copy on an old backup… would have been a $700 mistake, given to a company that clearly doesn’t support it’s customers that don’t choose to upgrade or can’t afford to upgrade every two years.

If you still need a copy, hit me up and I’ll forward you a cloud link. Anyone else get’s in this boat, hit me up as well and I’ll get you a copy.

Sketchup, when I do decide to upgrade, it will be to REVIT. You lost any future money from my pockets! -Braden

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This suggestion is a bit “after-the-fact” and may be too late for some, but I would encourage users to save the SketchUp installer file for each version maintained on their system to several backup sources as well as the corresponding serial numbers and auth codes.

User name: --------------------------------------------------
Company/organization: -----------------------------------
Serial number: ----------------------------------------------
Authorization Code: ---------------------------------------
Maintenance and support number: --------------------
Maintenance and support expiration date: ----------

I make it a point to save this data for all important installed software and keep an additional copy in the cloud for scenarios just like this. This has saved my bacon more than a few times.


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