SketchUp Pro 2013

I recently replaced my computer and wish to install my licensed version of SketchUp Pro 2013. However, I cannot find a link for the older download files.

SU2013 hasn’t been supported for a long time. Some of the features such as access to the 3D Warehouse and Get Location no longer work. See this article. Maybe you should consider upgrading.

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@rookwood We only keep the current and previous two versions of SketchUp available on our site for download however you may be able to download an older installer on a download site such as

As @DaveR mentioned we’ve made numerous changes in newer versions which aren’t available in SketchUp 2013. Unfortunately there is functionality from SketchUp 2013 and older which references Google specific functionality which we no longer have access to so we couldn’t continue using those features moving forward. We strongly encourage all customers to move to a more modern version of SketchUp for the best performance.


be aware, that the system requirements of old SU versions regularly do not comply with recent operating systems:

SketchUp Pro Download Archive

To expand on @sketch3d_de’s post, you need to be aware that Trimble (as well as Google and @Last before them) do not issue back-patches to make old, no longer supported versions of SketchUp compatible with OS versions released afterward. There have been some actual instances in which a new OS version caused SketchUp to crash. So, if you want to run an old version, you do so at your own risk.

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I understand support for legacy software is, to a degree, time sensitive and hardware conflicts can be encountered. However, my primary 3D modelling software has been Revit, even before Autodesk purchased it in 2008. Given the fact that my use of SketchUp has always been limited, I really don’t need the capability of SketchUp 2016. That said, I have found SketchUp 2013/2014 plays well with Windows 10… thanks to all for your relies.

if issues do arise, you can check with the release notes if they are fixed for more recent versions already.

Wait! So am I to understand that I no longer have access to a product I have purchased and paid for? None? It’s just gone? Are you like… thieves? I dont care how long it has been, I’ve bought a license and you just take it away?

What product that you paid for don’t you have access to? If you paid for a license for SketchUp 2013 Pro you should still have access to it. A perpetual license to SketchUp Pro is just that and no one will have taken it away from you.

I just had a change of computer, the old one busted it’s hard drive and I’m trying to find a download link for the 2013 pro one. every where I give the licence code it says “contact your reseller” but they’re long gone

So no one took anything from you. You lost it. You’re out of line claiming that Trimble are thieves.

You can get the installer from here: SketchUp Pro – Download-Center

Except I can’t, the download of the installer file does not work. To be exact, the German installer fires but it cannot download the necessary files

It works for me. I just downloaded SketchUp Pro 2013. Did you click on the first one or the second one? The first one is for Mac. The second one for Windows.

Just to make sure, I tried both of them, neither of them seems to be able to continue beyond the intallers start “fehler beim Herunterladen einer erforderlichen datei”

Does it indicate what file?

Sorry for my outburst back there, I’ve been trying to get this software back for five hours now and well I’m rather frustrated.

It does not indicate the file beyond of the details of the setup error:

Fehler beim Herunterladen der folgenden Ressource:

Datum: 22.1.2022 0.05.27

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Setup-Protokolldatei unter “C:\Users\antti\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDE790.tmp\install.log”.

im getting there

oh for crying out loud how do you get to see the bloody roaming folders in windows again?!

They are in the User/AppData folder which is normally hidden Go into File Explorer and change the folder preferences to show hidden folders.

I don’t believe SketchUp 2013 puts anything in the user’s AppData folder, though.

Yeah, got it open, there is no Setup-Protokolldatei there, not even the folders the installer proclaims there should be…