Download Sketchup Pro 19?

I’m new to this forum but a long-time SketchUp user. I have a classic SketchUp Pro 19 license. I’m setting up a new laptop but I cannot find where to download version 19. The download all page seems to only go back to SketchUp 20. Does anyone know how I can get SketchUp Pro 19 onto my new computer? Thanks!

A quick search of the forum would turn up this link:

Be aware that by the end of the year you can expect the web based services like 3D Warehouse and Geo Location to no longer be supported for SketchUp 2019. If those are features you need, it’ll be time to update to the current version.

If you purchased the 2019 version, you have the right to upgrade to the 2020 version.

I searched before posting but didn’t find what you linked, so thank you.

3D Warehouse and Geo Location are important to me, but I can’t afford a subscription. It’s disappointing that Sketchup went subscription only. Thanks for the heads up.

Turns out my license was automatically updated to 21, and all is well. Thanks all for your quick responses!