Trying to use my 2019 SketchUp Pro

I have purchased my first license ages ago. Then it was no more valid…do not know why. So I had to purchase a new one in 2019.
I did draw at times with some updates but was told they expire after some time.
So it did work (guess for some time…)
As I only occasionally use the program…today I tried to use it again … but it was all gonne.
I sent the licence to Trimble and got a mail that all’s ok and got a link to download…but only version 2020. I did download it but it will not let me draw, it keeps telling me to upgrade to 2020 and all I want is to draw with my 2019 program that I had paid for…
All effort to contact someone at Trimble or SketchUp are in vain… impossible

If you no longer have SketchUp 2019 installed on your computer you can download it from here: Download-Center – SketchUp Pro

Since you have opted not to keep your license up to date you have also opted to give up technical/customer support.

Your profile indicates you are using Mac OS 11 Big Sur. Keep in mind that SketchUp 2019 doesn’t support that operating system version since Big Sur was released about a year after the last update to SU2019. It may work. It may not work. Also note that you will likely lose direct access to web services such as the 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, and Geo-Location by the end of this year.

Thanks so much for replying!
This is the first light in the tunnel. (I was busy writing a mail to the Boulder company, when I got this reply.
I just went onto that site you recommended and it does download it…!
Man… it works …Thanks very much!!!
Looks like you can easely teach a old goat something. I still have my old drawing instruments that I used some 62 years ago when I trained as a draughtsman, still us them occasionally!
Thanks again and have a nice day (or night wherever in this world you are) :sweat_smile:


Your 2019 license looks ok, but it wouldn’t work in 2020. What happens when you open 2019? In the welcome screen, do you see an option to add a classic license? If you do, try adding your 2019 license.

I had the license system send your 2019 license to you, to make sure you’re using the right details.

Hi Colin,
thanks for your reply. The one link I received only covered 2020;2021 and 2022, and It did not work but then; with 2019 that arrived (POSH GmbH)… I managed to download and was drawing ok.
Thanks again