Can't license SU 2019 Pro...SOLVED!

When I go to add my classic license the dialog shows a big OOPS… SketchUp Pro is unable to connect to the network license server.
I’m on an Ethernet connection. There is a firewall exception. Everything else on my computer seems to be working just fine. Not sure what to do.
I reinstalled several times. Always as Admin.
I installed on my other computer and I don’t get this problem at all. It’s particular to my one machine. Any thoughts? Meanwhile I am on the 30 day trial just so i can run SketchUp. But if I can’t solve this mystery, I’m out of luck.

Thanks for ANY help.

Have you put in a ticket with Customer Support? It couldn’t hurt although since it is Sunday, no one will look at the ticket until tomorrow.

How about completing your profile? The information can be useful in helping you diagnose problems.

What did you buy?
How much did you pay?

Thanks DaveR,

I hadn’t updated my profile in some time and it looks like there was some missing info there.
I submitted a ticket…i think i did, at least. And I actually got a rare weekend reply :slight_smile:
We’ll see what happens. Things work fine on my backup computer but no joy on my main machine.
I’ll update this with a solution if one comes. Meanwhile I’m open to suggestions.

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Sorry MikeWayzovski, I’m not clear on your questions. I have a license for SketchUp Pro 2019 but am having trouble with the license screen allowing me to enter that license. I hope that clears up my concerns.

So, you have a classic license that starts with an ‘U’
Sometimes, server is just down for a while. You can try again later.
If I were you, I would first start the trial before entering the license info. See if it suit your needs. When you enter the license info, your active license will become 2019 and you can no longer activate olders versions on new machines.( you can have more versions of SketchUp on one machine, but only one version can be ‘active’)

UPDATE: Trimble and Creation Engine worked with me to get my license working. Something screwy with my computer so there’s nothing i can pass along about that. Just that it’s been taken care of.
Thank you for your help everyone!

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