New Computer, Old License

My old computer crashed. I bought a new one & want to load my 2019 license on my new computer. I didn’t renew my maintenance package last year, so I can’t get my license codes to work. Any idea if I am SOL?

If you can get the old machine to run long enough to start up SketchUp, deauthorize all the licenced extensions you have and deauthorize SketchUp itself you should be good.

Else speak happy thoughts into @colin 's ears, he might be able to look into it for you.

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Does the serial start with an ‘U’?
When did you bought it exactly?

Yep - it does. I bought it 12/24/2019 according to the confirmation email I could access.

And what is the error?
You might be pasting markup characters, try typing
(Or viceversa)
Is it version 2019 that you are installing?
FWIW, any version of SketchUp starts with a trial on a new machine, so you don’t need to rush

It let me access my account on the old computer but when my computer crashed, it lost all of my apps. It won’t recognize the license on my old computer either.