Installing Classic License on new computer

I am trying to install a classic license for Sketchup Pro 2020 on a new computer (the old workstation crashed), but the installer says the VA-… license is not a correct 2020 license. I know it is because it has already been used.
The license was issued to Alberto Nicolav, organization LEI Ltda. Could you please check?

Are you able to open Sketchup on the old workstation and remove the license?

My IT guy recovered the HD of the workstation and started up the Sketchup installed there, but it started as a non-licensed version.
The error is that it is not a valid license, it does not mention that there would be too many instances active.
When I login on my Trimble account, there are no licenses nor subscriptions listed. I have 4 classic licenses.

Perhaps @colin can help sort things out.

I see your licenses, and at the moment three of your users are still on 2018, which would start with TA. One user is on 2020, which is VA. All four licenses have a 2021 license available if you ever want to upgrade.

So, the license that has 296 at the end of the serial number has been used before, and should be working ok with 2020 now.

Is that license still being used on a Mac? There is a Windows specific issue that can give the error message you are seeing.

Hi Colin, thanks for your response.
The 296 license is the license I use myself, version 2020 on a Mac. I just transferred from an older iMac to a Apple M1 Mac and that did not pose any problem at all.
The TA-…804 license is a version used on a Windows workstation. As we are working in Home office, usage might be alternate on a local notebook and used remotely on the workstation.
On the new workstation (Windows 11) we have tried to install the 2018 version (TA-…874 license), 2019 (UA-…874 license) and 2020 (VA-…874 license), all resulting in the same error that it is not a correct license for the version.
Can you make the 4 licenses visible on my Trimble account? Other than some e-mails I have no proof of owning these licenses and I have already been harassed by the Sketchup Compliance Team a couple of years ago.

The Trimble account page is only subscription products. If you go to this page and put in any of your serial numbers, and your email, you then will see all of the licenses listed. It only shows the latest version of the license, which would be the 2021 versions.

For the Windows specific issue, read the steps I gave here:

OK, I was able to visualize the 2021 licenses.
The trick to remove and replace the .lic file unfortunately didn’t work, but are you saying only the 2021 version could be successfully installed, not previous ones?

I was answering a 2021 question, you could try the same steps with the 2018 path instead.

Hi Colin, I guessed as much, and executed the same steps for 2020, without any success.