Sketchup 2019 Classic License Issue

I just got a new PC and I want to install my copy of Sketchup 2019 to the new PC. Installing is not a problem, I have the original exe file from Trimble from back in the day. the problem I am having is that when I go to input my license info, the spinning wheel pops up for a split second then goes away. Nothing happens… No error message, it just doesn’t clear my license. I’ve tried reaching out to Trimble but nada. Any help would be great!


Have a look around this forum, by searching for similar titled threads. My suspicion is that you can no longer use your classic licence 2019. Is it Sketchup Pro? This is subscription only now, and has been for a while, just in case you didn’t know.

no. I understand your frustration toward the evolution of the licensing method, but on this one you’re incorrect.

Jmellas can use their permanent pro licence. that’s the whole point of the (now extinct) pro licences.

There have been some issues with the licensing server, @colin can confirm, you can see threads like this one for reference.

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The other license issue that were happening affected 2017 and earlier. I tested removing and adding my 2019 license, and it worked ok.

One problem you will hit is that you have already added the license to three computers, the license covers 2 of those, but it’s possible to add a third so that when you’re moving to a new computer you can make sure the license is working before removing it from the old computer. To add the license to a fourth computer you would need to remove the license from one of the other three computers.

If there is a reason you can’t remove the license from any of those computers, your only option is to contact support and tell them why it is you can’t do that.

Not sure how you tried to contact Trimble so far, but filling in this form would be the right place to start:

I was not expressing frustration, only what I thought to be true. I stand corrected.

[Edit] I did not realise I can still in theory log into version 2021 using my classic licence, this somewhat alleviates my being ‘locked out’ from using sketchup pro at all, which I thought was the case.

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Thank you! I’ll take a look at your directions and try contacting Trimble again.