Cannot Remove License Sketchup Pro2016

I have a Sketchup Pro2016 but can’t remove license from pc (Windows 10) i want to change new pc.
and use same version . Please help.

my step

  1. Go to menu help . choose license .
  2. Press Remove license . no something appear.

PS: Can i try uninstall software and re-activate for new pc or not?


Hoy to the sketchup website, log into your account, then go to plan settings, there your sketchup license will be shown, to the right of your screen it should say edit plan settings, click there and go to manage seats.

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The OP has a Classic license so instructions for subscription don’t apply.
I would guess that the changed way SketchUp looks for an Internet connection is part of the problem. There has also been recurring problems with the older license management servers. @colin , What is the status here?

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There is a problem with the license server that we have been fixing, but it’s still in a state where some computers are not able to get through ok.

I can check your license to make sure there are no other problems, I will send a message straight to you to ask for details.