Trouble with your license

Hadn’t opened Sketchup since October 19. Opening it today to work on one of my random models, suddenly getting an error that the license was created on a different computer and will not work here.

Haven’t changed computers, using the same computer I have been over the last several years, no updates or hardware changes have been made that I think would trigger this. Any way to address this? Don’t want to click “Remove License” prior to confirming whether or not that’s the path forward to fixing this.

Running Sketchup Pro 2019, the only other version on this particular machine, 2017, appears to be opening just fine.


If you have the correct license info ‘at hand’, it should work.
Serial starts with an ‘V’ is for 2020, ‘U’ is 2019

How many user accounts are on the system?

Just my account. Long since lost the 2019 license information, though I do have the 2020 license sitting around in my email that I never activated (Curse you, tags vs layers), that I was hoping to save for my new PC I’m currently building.

That would mean your 2019 license is active and thus can be ‘moved’ to other machines as well as removed from this one and then put back again.

Yeah. Was actually able to secure my 2019 License through the Trimble website (Though it’s grayed out with a strike through on it, “On Hold” next to it), now I just need to get the authorization code to re-enable it, though it seems to be just emailing me the 2020 authorization code.

Went ahead and reached out to the support team to see if they can somehow get that to me, or I guess I’ll just be forced to upgrade to 2020 on this machine at this point, which kind of sucks but is what it is…

… and they don’t work weekends. Crud.

Scratch that, found it. I’m good!

I’m back up and running. That was a scare.

You’re the best!

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