I have a license issue

Hey , i just downloaded sketchup pro 2016 (32-bit) and i havn’t recieved any mail or license details - do anyone know what should i do to get them ? i need this i have a project in few days and i have no time !
thankyou !!

Did you try contacting SketchUp Customer Support?

Who did you buy SketchUp 2016 Pro through?

i havn’t baought it yet ! i just wanna try it ! i downloaded the triel virsion fo 30 days !

i havn’t baought it yet ! i just wanna try it ! i downloaded the trial virsion fo 30 days !

You won’t get a license for SketchUp Pro until you buy it. Generally they don’t sell licenses for older, unsupported versions. You’d need to buy the current version.

The SketchUp Pro trial will run without a license.

So you have a project due in a few days, you are going to use SketchUp, but you are just starting now with a trial? Good luck.

i tried the new one but its 64 bit and my computer doesnt suport it ! - no im a student we are just starting to use it i will buy it then but not now soo … thank you anyway !

No matter what you’ll need to contact Customer Support to see if they’ll even sell you a license. No one on this forum can answer that question with confidence.

thankyou !!

Holy Jesus! Does ANYONE…EVER…answer the phone at either Trimble sales or support?! I purchased pro 2017 on 4/30 and have not received any correspondence from Trimble with license info. I assume it is due to a typo in my email address during purchase. However, I’ve been calling non-stop for three business days and can’t get anyone to actually answer the phone or call back.

I’m hoping there is a Trimble admin on this forum that can get someone to call me 800-850-6638 x 1

Hi James,

Sending you a PM about your order.

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