Issue receiving my license :(((

Hello, I´ve been trying literally everywhere to get my license number and serial number, I really think they need to focus on this topic because they are very fluid on the payment system but not in sending the actual license? I mean its a big issue, 1 week passed already and never received and I dont want to use my account online (website app) its slow and it quits.

Can pls some one give me a hand here? I have a lot of work pending and this is getting very frustrated.

Spam emails
Asking in the official facebook, IG and twitter, no response.
Putting my email on the “re send license” they confiemd it was sent and NEVER received
Sent mail to support of sketchup
Sent emmail to support of trimble

None of this has been a positive conclusion.

Thanks for your attention, and hope I can have some solution.

My email is:

Thanks a lot

Do you know if you purchased a classic license or a subscription?

Hello Aaron, I am not sure, How could I see this? please advide and thanks in advance

Do you remember how much you paid?

Yes, $119 usd

That would imply that you purchased the SketchUp Shop subscription. SketchUp Shop is a web-based version. You won’t receive a license for it. You would just go to and sign in with your Trimble ID.

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Ohh fff**** Is it possible to refund due to this issue? or I´ll need to stick with this? :frowning:

You should contact Customer Support. They can either set up a refund or help you get upgraded to the SketchUp Pro Subscription or Classic license. The office will be closed now but you can go ahead and submit a ticket for help.

OHH thanks a lot! I´ll try to refund or upgrade, thanks all!