Is anyone else having this problem? I just can't shake it since now it is subscription?

Hi everyone sat down this weekend to ride out the would be Hurricane and catch up on some projects and low and behold Sketchup thinks I am not Licensed again? According to Colin, and the sales department there is no longer a Serial Licensed Number. This is getting really old.

Can you redo the steps I gave you 15 days ago, that seemed to fix the issue? Or at least make sure that you are signing in with the right email address.

Here’s the older post:

Yes Colin, Thanks, it does work fine when the internet is working, my point was severe weather and the internet was down, makes it difficult to work, especially remotely where there is no internet I have to use iPhone hot spot. Some of my extensions are the same, no internet and they do not function. Hopefully between Amazon and Mr. Musk that will be a thing of the past eventuality internet will be world wide. Thanks responding I was wondering how others that do not have access were doing this?

Which extensions?

Perhaps (just guessing) extensions licensed via the EW need internet to check their licenses too?

Maybe that’s it although I had about an 18 hour internet outage a week ago last Friday. It didn’t get in the way of using my SU2020 subscription nor any of the commercial extensions I have installed.

Perhaps the same thinking may have been applied as for the main SketchUp license: they set up a phone-home on a particular date to re-validate the license?

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I think it would need to be an extension from Sketchucation or other source, that might do its licensing after you have installed and ran it. The ones from Extension Warehouse do the licensing as part of the install. Also, a license issue on an extension shouldn’t stop SketchUp from working.

Being signed out would. We’ve discussed this in other topics, with subscriptions it’s better to stay signed in unless you have a reason to sign out (and then most times you would be signing in again right away). As Dave said, being offline doesn’t stop a currently signed in subscription from working.

Yes, some have to activated as they lose connection sometimes even with the internet working.

These I believe are not specific to Extension Warehouse.
Strange I get this ”You are not authorized to use Sketchup“, when I am offline then.
I do not think it would have anything to do with the extensions?