License Not Received

Hi everyone,
I know this isn’t the correct chat but it’s been 8 hours and I still haven’t received my license number and code to initiate SketchUp Pro 2018. I’ve written three emails with absolutely no response. I received my receipt in email but nothing else. I am so angry right now with this company. How can this be an online software company? We need this software now for a deadline today. I can’t believe this is happening. Please help!

I understand that it is annoying, but AFAIK the orders are processed by humans, and it is now weekend in Boulder.

@alina Sorry to hear your problem. I’m just pinging the @SketchUp_Moderator to split this topic off accordingly into it’s own thread where it belongs…

Thank you Ian. I looked at the appropriate thread and saw that no one had been in that chat for over a month and thought it’s best to ping a place where people are currently active to get a response.

Hi @alina,

I responded to your post and to the ping from @IanT by creating a new thread for the topic. I have also sent invites to several SketchUp Team members, one of whom (hopefully) will ensure that your concern is addressed/resolved soon after returning to work on Monday. I understand your being angry and I apologize for this oversight. You will need to provide the email receipt to the individual who responds to my ping (I am not an official Trimble employee and have no authority to research or issue licenses). Only send such information through a Private Message or via email. Do not send via this or any other thread on the open forum.

You might also check your spam or junk folder.