Never received licensing email

Sorry if this is really basic.
I downloaded SketchUp Pro 2016 as my first try at this and never received my email with the licensing info to copy and paste. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and checking various spam/promotional folders in my inbox but came up with nothing. SketchUp has emailed me before, my address hasn’t changed and don’t know what to do next. If this could get resolved before my 30 days of Pro is up that would be wonderful.
Thank you

you don’t need a license for the trial period, just open it…


Perhaps try here:

License Troubleshooter


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which asks for serial number that we do not have if we never got an email from them…

OK, now this is confusing. If the original poster got his problem resolved, please close. and as @Shep posted above, please go to that website and resolve.

barry I tried to, it wants a serial number that I never got, and I do not have an order number to refer to ither. all I have is nthe info on my cc web site that shows that bi was charged for the product. also I did open a support ticket 7 days ago with no email or phone calls to follow up on it. so your team is ither taking weeks to just reply or not handling it.
also why does the company phone number just ring on weekends ? it should at the least go to a message telling a customer when days and hours the company takes calls. if this as a mom-and-pop shop that would be one thing but it’s not.

yes I am ticked off because I did try and use the web site and email to handle this and have zip to show for it other than a 695 charge on my cc and a 30 day eval.