Never received licensing email SketchUp Pro 2018



Purchased the 2018 Pro License, got an email with the invoice (my credit card got charged) saying i will receive the license info on the next 5 to 10 minutes and nothing!!!
this is not a small amount $$$

can someone please help me as I urgently need this!!!
by the way, already checked SPAM and NOT THERE!

tried to find a phone number to call and nothing!!!
Customer Service Form/ page it’s just not clear and “customer oriented”


even better (showing they are a 100% sales company and not customer oriented) the purchase journey was flawless even with tax calculations globally and I’m from Portugal!!! really good! BUT in the customer service, I need to select a US state!!! REALLY!!!


Did you purchase through your local reseller? There are two in Portugal. See: Perhaps they can help you.

This forum is “staffed” mostly by other SketchUp users although a few folks from the development team sometimes look in. If they can help it probably won’t be immediately. It’s not yet 6 am on Saturday morning where they are.


Thanks for quick replay!
I purchase it online directly from Store.

anyway, appreciate your help and the info!

really hoping for this to be sorted, as I’m getting more and more desapointed!


check your e-mail spam filter folders


I have privately pinged several members of the SketchUp team and they may be able to assist with the licensing issue. Because it is Saturday morning in the U.S., you may need to wait until Monday before one of them contacts you. In order to save a little bit of time, you should send me your preferred email address by Private Message (PM). To send a PM to me, click my avatar and then click the blue Message box, I will immediately forward your email address to the previously pinged SU Team members.


I will look into this now. Stay tuned @rui.silva.gmr


I have also not received my license, I have checked the spam folder and nothing. Really need to get this up and running as soon as possible.


I have not received my license and I have added Sketchup to my contacts as well as checked spam. I have send a request for help to Sketchup and have not received an answer yet thought I sent it today which is a weekend. I have been limping along using the free version and waiting for my new computer to arrive next week so I wasn’t too worried but now I need layout and realized I have no way to download the program I purchased directly from the sketchup site.



As @Barry indicated, you can download all available from that location, note that your licence only works on the version it is intended for, also Layout and StyleBuilder form part of the SketchUp Pro download file (all rolled into one).